Key Ingredient To Staying Authentic When Automating Your Business


Too many people stick to the straight-and-narrow marketing techniques - but not you! You are going to convey your personality, energy, and vibe all while automating things in your business. You are going to share your true character with your audience so that instead of feeling as though they are being hit with a robot they will feel as though they are sitting in your living room. As a result, social media engagement will skyrocket!

Remember, there is no way to always be in touch with your audience and not automate, so automation with authenticity it is! Now let’s get to it!

There is one key ingredient to staying authentic when automating your business. It’s you, girlfriend! It’s your story, personality, voice, and philosophy.

I want to expand on these key ingredients for a moment and how they have impacted my business. I am going to share some experiences and learnings with the most popular automation tactics in online business, so stick around!

Your Story

You want to share it. In fact, you probably need to share it in order to build that know/like/trust connection that everyone talks about. BUT, you might not want to write a book to your cold audience and make it the first thing they read when they download your freebie.

I know that this seems contrary to what most coaches say, but I am simply speaking from experience and keeping it real with you! Share your story, yes, but I would recommend that you focus on interjecting pieces of your story within valued context just to show your audience that you are relatable to THEIR story. After all, it’s all about them. You are just here to make it clear that you know where they are (because you’ve been there), you know where they want to be (because you are already there), and you know the steps to get them to their desired outcome (because you have followed these steps yourself).

Oh, and just because you’ve shared your story once doesn’t mean your work is done. You should remind your audience of your past, present, and future (goals) often - we are all busy, often forgetful, and you never know when you could catch someone in a vulnerable state with your words and story.

Make automation more human - more you, by sharing your story in sales funnels. Be sure to attack different learning styles and intrigue your audience with case studies, surprising metrics, counterintuitive statements, and scarcity or deadlines to create a sense of urgency.

Your Personality

Let it shine! The less I forced professionalism and standard structure the more comfortable I became and the more engagement I received from my audience. When I stopped shying away from live video because I worried too much about the questions I’d be asked and possibly not knowing the “correct” answer, building connections and relationships became fun rather than a chore.

Make automation more human - more you, by including your personality within your emails and social media posts. Focus on writing compelling email sequences and subject lines that provide elements of mystery.

Your Voice

Let it be heard! Your character should come out in your newsletter emails, blog posts, social media posts, and live videos. We all have fun little quirks that we often try to hide from our audience. I’ll let you in on a little secret - you should use those quirks to your advantage! These quirks will leave a lasting impression, and your audience will remember and appreciate you for it.

Make automation more human - more you, by using your voice in scheduled social media posts. Don’t be afraid to ask personal questions, either! I like to keep my social media posts 50% value-driven, 25% lifestyle-related, and 25% random questions that don’t have anything to do with my business (i.e. What is your favorite color? What’s for dinner tonight? What are your big plans for the weekend? Where is your favorite vacation spot?)

Your Philosophy

What is it that makes you, YOU? This cannot be the same thing that makes your idol, your idol. Your philosophy needs to be unique, authentic, real and raw. This is where you get to show off the amazing person that you are, the incredible work that you do, and unbelievable results that your clients get when they work with you.

Make automation more human - more you, by sharing your business analytics, a new messenger bot sequence you tested that was successful, or an out-of-the-box content planning strategy that you came up with on a whim and proved to be successful.

Social media makes it very easy to mirror what others are doing in the online space, but what you really want to do is put on those blinders and simply BE YOU! I want to emphasize how important it is to stay authentic if you want to make a real, lasting connection with your audience.


By Jenna Carelli | Business Coach For Wellness Professionals, Dietitian's, & Authors | Connect with Jenna: WebsiteInstagramFacebook