Top 5 Productivity Hacks for the Busy Solopreneur


If you’re a business owner, then you likely have to-do lists on top of to-do lists.

The feeling of overwhelm is very real, and you are probably constantly looking at ways to streamline your processes.

This is especially true for those of you that might be in the early stages of your business, when you aren’t yet outsourcing as much as you would like and find yourself doing everything from the content creation to the administrative work. I’m exhausted just thinking about it (and know the feeling well!).

The good news is, it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Being really conscious of your work habits could be the difference between a week where you get a lot done, and one where you end it feeling completely defeated. These five productivity hacks are the ones I use in my business each and every day to avoid the latter.

Hack #1: Make the most of short time windows

Make a list of the pockets of time in your day or week where you find yourself scrolling through Instagram or being unproductive while scanning your emails. Some examples of these might be when you’re waiting to go into your Pilates class, when you’re early to a meeting, sipping your morning coffee or half watching a trashy TV show. These could be the perfect times to reply to those short emails, reply to social media comments or plan out your next blog post. Tick – task complete!

Hack #2: Batch your tasks

We spend SO much of our time transitioning between daily tasks, so ultimately we want to avoid transitioning as much as possible. This means continuing to do the same ‘type’ of tasks all in one go, otherwise referred to as ‘batching.’ Some examples of this might be planning out your social media content all at once for the month or week, creating your short videos in one day or breaking up your week into days that are ONLY for clients and other days that are ONLY for content creation.

Hack #3: Use the Pomodoro technique

This is my not-so- secret weapon for having the type of day where I hit the pillow at the end feeling really accomplished. The Pomodoro technique was invented in the early ‘90s and is a simple methodology: it is the breaking up of time into intervals, called “pomodoros”, that are spaced out by short breaks. I usually do a 45-minute session, followed by a 5-minute break where I’ll dance around my home office, make a cup of tea or treat myself to a social media break. When you know you’re on a deadline, you remain much more focused.

Hack #4: Nail down your tools

Can’t afford to outsource? No problem. There are so many free tools these days that help you streamline your business and save you loads of time in the process. Some of my favourites include Evernote for housing my blog and social media content (all divided into folders), Later for scheduling my social media content, LastPass to house and remember my passwords quickly and easily and Toggl for tracking my time.

Hack #5: Clear your energy between tasks

In Brendon Burchard’s latest book “High Performance Habits” (which I HIGHLY recommend), Brendon talks about productivity tips that high performers use to achieve success. One I’ve started adopting is releasing energy when you move from one task to another. This is as simple as closing your eyes when you complete a task, saying “release” to yourself and taking a few deep breaths. Once you feel like you have released the tension from the current task, you can SET your intention for the next task. Ask yourself, “what energy do I want to bring into this next activity? How can I do this next activity with excellence?” The questions may vary depending what feels right for you, but the process should ultimately help you better manage stress and be more mindful. The knock-on effect is then an increase in productivity!

I’d love to know how these tips work for you and your business! Leave me a comment via my Instagram or Facebook page and let me know.

By Ellie Swift | Life Success Coach | Connect With Ellie: WebsiteInstagram • Facebook