5 Confessions From An Enneagram Three

It’s not just about looking good or getting people to like us, but three’s desire to be the very best version of themselves.

– Beth G. Harper

If you’re anything like me, it makes you cringe when you meet someone with zero self-awareness. You just want to throw a self-help book at them because you’ve come to understand how essential it is, for your business and personal success, to know yourself.

I’m slightly obsessed (just ask my husband!) with what personality tests can teach us about our habits, strengths, and weaknesses. They give us detailed insight on how to tackle situations for our unique personality types. This is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs who are continually trying to grow and expand as business owners.

If you want to get to the next level in business, you have to be willing to do the internal work to become suitable for the role.

My latest obsession is the Enneagram Test (take the test here). And, as The Achieve (3w2) type who constantly wants to look great in front of others, I want to get real and raw with you about our constant struggles. Yes, we might be a tad superficial but we’ve got some deep reasonings behind it!

Episode Highlights

  • Why everyone should take the Enneagram test!

  • Brief descriptions of each Enneagram types.

  • Being real and raw is tough for a three.

  • How common is it really to feel like a fraud?

  • Why I always look out for the best dressed in the room.

  • What the very worst version of a three looks like and how to overcome it.

  • The hardships of building relationships and networking and why we need boundaries.

  • Why three’s need to turn of their social media notifications.

  • What healthy comparison looks like.


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