Own Your Truth, Change Your Life


Just about 6 years ago, I remember crying to my dad on the phone.  I was in the car while my husband was inside at a family function. My perfect baby girl was just a couple months old.  I said to my dad, “If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be here anymore.”

I truly felt like my baby was the only reason keeping me alive.  I wanted to push through the darkness for her. She deserved the best.

This was a pivotal moment for me.  

I knew in my gut that I was made for more.  I knew life didn’t have to be this way. This was my wake-up call.  This was my time. I couldn’t continue down the path I was on. So I started questioning everything.  Up until this point, I felt as if my life had been on auto-pilot. I’d done what I was supposed to according to what I thought was expected of me: get a college education, marry a nice guy, have a baby, go to church, take care of my family.  I didn’t ever really question any of it.

Then it hit me.  

I was living my life out of fear of what I was afraid others might think if I didn’t do what they wanted.

How crazy was that?!

This was MY life, not theirs! The only person I needed to make happy was myself.

Who knows if those things I’d done were really expected of me anyway. This doesn’t mean I regret those choices and experiences. I’m truly grateful for each of them because they’ve led me to where I am now.

I had to learn how to even start questioning what it was that I wasn’t happy with. Slowly, but surely, I started finding, and owning my own truth. For me, that meant leaving the religion I was raised with. This was HUGE and SCARY. This was the community I’d been raised in and plugged in to for my whole life. This was a big part of my identity. Owning the fact that I no longer believed or supported this religion was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. I learned that the world moved on. People who truly loved me continued to love me for me, despite the religion I did or did not associate myself with.

In fact, I found I was able to have more authentic relationships with people. Not only that, but I was finally able to own my truth in other areas of my life. While on my journey to self-discovery, I realized that owning my own life coaching business and blog was what I felt called to do. This was not what I went to college for, got my undergraduate or graduate degree in, or had worked on for my career for the past 10 years. All the self-doubt and nerves held me back for years.

BUT, once I used my courage to own my truth in other areas of my life, I was able to apply this same concept to my business and finally launch what I’d been wanting to do for years.

And guess what?  

The same thing happened this time.

The universe had my back. People have been so supportive. Things have fallen into place. I’ve built stronger, more authentic relationships.  I’ve had people reach out to me and let me know how proud of me they are and how much it’s helped them to see me do this.

It was scary.

It still is.

But I’ve found that owning my truth and being unapologetically me makes me so much happier.

I’m in a better place than I’ve ever been and all aspects of my life have benefitted. I am happier, healthier and I have so much hope for the future.  The world deserves the best of each of us. Own your truth and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised at just how well things will start to work out in your favor, helping you build a life you love, owning not only your truth, but all aspects of your life!


By Desi Wright | Success Coach & Blogger | Connect with Desi: WebsiteInstagramFacebook • Pinterest • Twitter