5 Things To Do When Things Just Aren't Going Your Way

Hi Darling,

I'm going to be honest, this week hasn't gone as planned. I've been meaning to write to you sooner, Beth, but decided it was best to wait until today! As an online business owner, my computer is my life! Everything I need is on there.

I love my guy to death but his week, my darling husband accidentally dropped my computer and you can imagine how upset I was! My computer still works but sadly I lost a lot of data from my hard drive including the new program I have been working on for weeks. After giving myself some time to deal with my frustration I decided it was time to move forward and do the best I could with my situation. 

Below are a few tips on what I did that helped me overcome the death of my hard drive! 


This one's a little cheesy but as women, we naturally feel more. It's okay to feel angry, mad or frustrated. It's okay to "feel." It's not good to pretend like everything's okay and bottle up stress or anxiety. It's truly not good for your health. Instead, give yourself a little time on your own to just release those feelings.


Once you've give yourself enough time to deal with your feelings...it's time to relax. Although I was ready to move forward with my situation, I was still feeling anxious so I stopped everything I was doing, went upstairs and started running a bath. I played some of my favorite 90s music and just relaxed! For you relaxing may look like playing music, reading a book or watching a movie. Whatever it is, give yourself time to get to a good place. 


The reality is that things don't always go as planned. They weren't for me. I had to stay on top of certain tasks and thank goodness I had an iPad I could use for this situation. I don't love doing work on my iPad but I had to be flexible! I also had to be flexible with the idea of rewriting the program I had been working on for weeks. I decided to see this as a blessing and an opportunity make it even better then before!


It's essential to make a game plan once you're ready to fix or adjust to your situation. For me a game plan looked like going to the Apple store, writing a to-do list of the tasks I could accomplish without my computer, and watching Gossip Girl! There was a lot I needed to do but realistically couldn't without a computer so I decided to relax some more and take advantage of the spare free time I had! I did feel a little guilty watching Gossip Girl while my husband was at work but then I remembered that it was his fault I didn't have a computer! ;) 


After dropping off my computer at the Apple store, I decided to take a stroll around some of the shops in town and ended up grabbing lunch at one of Steven and I's favorite diners. On my way home I was thankful to have some time to myself and just get to enjoy what would have been a busy day if I were working. I kept walking past flower stands and was eyeing some gorgeous peonies. The truth is that Steve recently bought me some so I didn't really need any. 

After having a crazy week I decided that I needed to do something good so I gave Dean, the flower man, a few pounds to give away a bouquet to anyone he wanted. He was surprised by my request but promised to honor it! I'll have to check in with him next week and see if he did!

As I write to you from my husbands computer...just remember, things don't always go our way. Life isn't perfect and that's okay! It's all about how we work though the situations life gives us. Next time something doesn't go as planned, just remember what I did when my computer crashed. 

To better day!

Beth xo

P.S. Darling, have you struggled with a bad day or even bad week? What helped you overcome your situation?!