You Are Where You're Meant To Be

Hi Darling,

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I've gotten back from the U.S.! The first few days took a little adjusting especially when it came to my sleeping pattern. I did quickly find myself diving back into my work. It's great to be able to travel and work but I missed the consistency of waking up in my own home and going to my own office! Like they say, if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life!

After spending the first week back mostly in my office...a day trip to London was much needed! I'm the type of person who gets consumed by her work...because I love it! But I really needed a bit of "me" time to get inspired after being daily inspired during my 3 weeks in the U.S..

During our day trip to London, we headed to Ace Hotel in Shoreditch (one of the coolest areas in London!) to meet up with two of our dear friends. Most of you know how much I love using Instagram both personally and for business. In fact, I probably talk about Instagram in most of my newsletters! I was eager to hang out with our friend Niran Vinod as he just accepted a position at Instagram as Creative Strategists. Part of his role is consulting with brands like Coca-Cola and Adidas to create a good strategy and teach them how to authentically promote themselves on Instagram. They're being prepped for Facebook Ads! It was incredible to hear all the amazing stuff going on both at Instagram and Facebook! I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on anything fun happening with them!

After grabbing milkshakes and hot dogs at a diner with Niran and F.J., Steven and I headed off to get even more food at one of my favorite places in London, D.F. Mexico. Once there, we met up with Caleb Meakins. This was a meeting set up by Steven so I had no clue who Caleb was!

As I got to know Caleb, he shared with us on one of his project, My 40 Days. This guy decided to take on one challenge for 40 days where he does something that scares him. On the drive back to Birmingham, I spent most of the time watching the 20 challenges he's done so far! They are hilarious and super inspiring! My favorite on is the one where he meets Sarah Jessica Parker after walking the red carpet!! Watch it here!

After such a fun day in London, I was reminded of a quote..


I'm lucky to have so many talented and creative friends. I love hearing about their journey and seeing them grow. They all started somewhere. Niran didn't start by working at Instagram, he's been working his butt off for years and his experience lead him to an incredible job. Caleb started with just an idea and now he's starting his very own charity. I started with a passion for a few apps and now I'm coaching and mentoring talented lady bosses both in business and marketing!

Lovely, if you're rushing to get to the finish line, I want to remind you to be happy where you are because we all start somewhere! More is on the way. 

Here's to living in the NOW!



P.S. Darling, I just got my Miami pictures back! Here's a sneak peak! What do you think?!