Clean Out Your Closet

Hi Darling

Happy Monday! Did you see my last post on Instagram? If you did then you know Steven and I drove down to Gloucester where Shift Weekend was being held on a beautiful English farm! We had an incredible weekend learning, sharing, and growing. We were so blown away by the community of people there.

Due to my love of social media for small business, my friend Caleb Meakins (I mentioned him a few newsletters ago:) asked me to be part of the creative panel at the conference.

It was such an awesome opportunity to speak along side of Creative Director, Toby Thomas and Photographer, Steph Alcaino. I got to share about the work I do with women via coaching and geek out over my love for social media. I basically just walked about Instagram the whole time! 

After listening to speaker Archie Coates and having conversations with incredible creatives I felt so excited and ready to dive back into my life and business. It was amazing to hear about others dreams and to be able to encourage people in their aspirations. Everyone at Shift Weekend was there to rejuvenate and come out inspired. That's exactly how I left.

Something I took away from Shift Weekend was to GROW DEEPER IN DISCIPLINE. I've always been more a free spirit. The one who always just goes with the flow. but when you're growing a business that doesn't always fly. There's a need for strict consistency. Lately, I've been feeling all over the place. I love my clients and the work I do but sometimes I'm rushing around without a schedule or working aimlessly without thinking of what really needs to get done.

Sunday, I spent the afternoon organizing my closet as it's been a mess since we moved in inFebruary! I REALLY wanted to spend the day watching a movie but I decided to fight against what I wanted and what needed to be done. It feels so good to see my closet this morning and know that everything has a place now. And after I was done, I spend the night watching movies with my love. It was the best reward!

Right before I went to bed on Sunday, I checked my emails and read a newsletter by my darling friend Sara Dann, My 4 Favorite Time Management Tips. Number 2 was BE INTENTIONAL WITH YOUR SCHEDULE, I just knew her email was meant for me! Her tips were helpful and inspired me towards my desires to grow deeper in discipline.

If your closet is a mess and you're struggling to clean it out, I urge you to just get up and do it. Discipline might come easy to some of you but for those of you who battle with it, keep going. Keep failing forward. As entrepreneurs we desire freedom from our 9-5 but the reality is that we need structure doing what we love! You'll soon see that you'll accomplish more than you could have ever imagined by setting structures in place!

To getting things done!

Beth xo

P.S. Darling, what are some things you can do this week to set structures in your business?