Life First, Business Second With Shanna Skidmore


Shanna Skidmore is a business strategist and financial coach. Nicknamed the “dream-releaser” by her clients, she helps entrepreneurs make money doing what they love by building profitable & sustainable businesses. For the past 12 years she has been immersed in the world of small business development and finance. By studying patterns of success, she now coaches and consults with creative entrepreneurs on business principles she found to be key indicators of success. Her background in finance, psychology, and art have allowed her to marry the world of business and creativity. Her greatest joy is watching others transform their stories and build businesses & lives they love! 

Through her signature program, The Blueprint Model ™, she has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to design a business model built for life. The results have been astounding: consistent paychecks, time off, rediscovering creative passions. Besides her program, Shanna’s teaching can be found in her collection of business tools for creatives, The Blueprint Collective, as well as speaking engagements around the world.


What is the life you actually want and design a business model that works around that.

- Shanna Skidmore


Episode Highlights

  • How working in the financial sector gave her the 'in' on what it takes to create a business that truly works

  • Creating a business around your ideal lifestyle versus the other way around

  • Her year long sabbatical from social media and how she doubled her yearly earning without using social media!

  • The best way to price your products/services. No more price shopping by what others in your industry are doing.

  • Why identifying your costs, time spent working, and clearly defining what's in your product or service matter.

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