Being Raw & Real On Instagram With Sarah Clarke Of Disasters Of A Thirtysomething

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Sarah Clarke is a freelance writer and Instagram blogger with over 23K adoring and loyal followers. She previously worked for Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine and in 2015 she launched her blog, Disasters Of A Thirtysomething, where she shares hilarious, embarrassing, and disastrous events. Her blog is full of little anecdotes to tell at parties in that awkward first bit when everyone’s just arrived and is on their first drink.

She and her husband Jonny were happy Londoners until 2017. They decided to take time off from the norm and went traveling for a full year. They left their corporate jobs behind to explore the world together.

Little did they know what an impact this would leave on their corner of the internet!

Throughout their year long travels, Sarah created #thepeakandpitcollective which is a collection of daily high and low stories encouraging others to celebrate the small unnoticed wins as well as showcasing the crappy stuff that happens on the daily. 

Sarah lives with her husband Jonny in Northumberland, UK. They are expecting twins this Autumn.


My favorite accounts that I follow are people who really share of themselves in the captions. And you kind of see behind the photo.

– Sarah Clarke of Disasters of a Thirtysomething


Episode Highlights


  • Sarah shares how growing an Instagram following takes time and how it deeply roots down to being authentic and real. She's over the perfect Instagram picture! No need to take this platform too seriously.

  • How she see's Instagram as a community which has helped her get featured and connected with other Instagrammers.
  • Even though she's not a photographer, she developed a new skill that has helped her build a big platform. Photography has made her open her eyes to the beautiful things around her.
  • Taking photos can be simple. All you need is a phone, good lighting, and a little editing in Instagram.
  • Being authentic with your editing over misleading. Tell the truth in the caption
  • Finding your community and tribe on Instagram. Take the time to connect and engage with them.
  • Top tips to grow your audience on Instagram and staying in love with the platform.
  • The heartbreak they went through from their miscarriage but the joy that sharing her story brought to her community.
  • How honestly, real and raw stories is helping her connect with her tribe deeply.
  • Her top destination from her year long travel.


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