Maintaining A Healthy Money Mindset with Janelle Mason


Janelle Mason is a Business Success Coach, motivational speaker, and advocate for heart disease. She spent most of her twenties practicing law in Australia and around the world, and in 2014 obtained her Master of Laws while living in London, the place she now calls home.

From the age of nine, Janelle knew she would be a lawyer, but at just twenty-eight years old, she suffered a heart attack and nearly died. That was the wake up call she needed to realize she wasn’t living her ultimate destiny or fulfilling her life’s purpose.

After years of unemployment and struggling to find her path, she found her purpose in the coaching industry and now runs a successful coaching company in London where she works with female entrepreneurs all around the world. Janelle is on a mission to help a million women realize their true potential and make a greater impact on the world with their unique talents.


Our mind and our thoughts literally control our lives.

– Janelle Mason


Episode Highlights

  • How a heart attack at 28 years of age changed her career path and life forever.

  • Tips on making a career change or transition within your business.

  • Why you can no longer ignore your bank account.

  • How she shifted her poor farmer girl mentality to a successful business owner.

  • Why entrepreneurs need to have a better relationship with money.

  • Top three tips to develop and maintain a healthy money mindset.

  • Why 80% of your success boils down to your thoughts.


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Quote: “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” - Susan Jeffers


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