Part 2 - Managing Your Marriage As An Entrepreneur with Steve & Beth Harper

Steve and Beth Harper - Photography Corina Esquivel

Managing your marriage as an entrepreneur is no easy task.

Just like parents love their little humans, you probably see your business as your baby. Add in trying to keep up with your spouse, it’s a lot to balance.

I’m sharing part-two of a conversation I had with my husband Steve on cultivating a healthy marriage as we both chase our career goals.

Disclaimer: we definitely aren’t perfect and don’t always get things right.


“The success that my business haS, I’m accountable to share that with Steve.”

– Beth G. Harper, Brand Strategist & Founder of Steadfast Society


Episode Highlights

  • What to do when your partner doesn’t agree with or understand your dreams

  • Why Steve didn’t support me when I wanted to start my own coaching/consulting business

  • How data and research helps us stay accountable and supportive of each others goals

  • Why and how to fight for your dreams

  • How we compliment each other as a couple

  • Our favorite business and personal development books and what you can learn from each one


Book - The Game by Neil Strauss

Book - Riding The Waves of Culture by Fons Trompenaars & Charles Hampden-Turner

Book - Exploring Culture by Gert Hofstede

Book - The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Book - The Confidence Code by Katty Kay & Claire Shipman


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