3 Strategies For Improving Your Brand Right Now with Christina Faye


Christina Fowler is the Brand Stylist & Web Designer behind By Stina Faye — a creative studio that serves beauty, wellness, and lifestyle professionals. While she is well-versed in design, coding, and marketing, her specialty lies within guiding the groundwork to empower others to be the reason that people love their brand. When she’s not in her office, you can find her working away in her garden or leading a true foodie lifestyle in her hometown of Sacramento, the farm to fork capital of America!


It comes down to Pinpointing what your unique value is That you have to offer because There Can be Like a million people who do exactly what you do but No one is really ever going to do it exactly like you do.

– Christina Faye, Brand Stylist & Web Designer


Episode Highlights

  • Why you can’t ignore your business branding.

  • The #1 mistake entrepreneurs are making with their branding.

  • How a failure can set you up for success in the future.

  • 3 strategies to improve your branding right now!

  • Why you identifying your unique value as a business will help you boost your branding.

  • Why you need to stop being afraid to niche down.

  • Why we’re huge fans of Squarespace!


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