How To Build A Freedom Based Business with Linda Bello


Most of us want to start a business to achieve some form of freedom.

Freedom to call the shots.

Freedom to make your own hours.

Freedom to earn BIG.

Freedom to do work that matters.

On this weeks episode, I’m chatting with my business BFF Linda Bello all about building a business around freedom. Linda is a New York born and raised Online Business Mentor who helps entrepreneurs create more freedom and income in their online businesses doing the work they love. 


Coming from a large Italian family oriented family she knew the typical "work your way up to a 9-5" lifestyle wouldn't serve her - family was too important.  From a young age, Linda was on a quest to make freedom work for her - and the way she would get there was by becoming an entrepreneur. After dipping her toes in various entrepreneurial paths she finally found her love in online mentoring.

With her online mentoring business she was able to double her 9-5 income in just two months and now not only does she get to do what she loves - she gets to focus on what matters most - family. During the weekday you can find her taking hikes with her husband, daughter, and dog, and fitting in work with her clients in-between. She's been featured by the Huff Post and has helped 100's of entrepreneurs fall in love with their work with dozens who have left their 9-5s.


“You can have your own business but if you’re working just as much as a 9-5 than, I don’t see, what’s the point? What’s the point of doing what you love when your don’t have time for the other things you love.”

– Linda Bello, Online Business Mentor


You don’t have to build a business that’s all-consuming. In fact, you can do the opposite and build a business that gives you the freedom you’ve been craving.

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Episode Highlights

  • What to do if you’re struggling to get started.

  • Why freedom matters to Linda.

  • Women in business that inspire us.

  • 4 must-have tools that give you more freedom in your business

  • The 2 ways that help Linda protect her freedom.

  • The question to ask yourself so you don’t live with regret

  • 2 things to try when you need to get motivated


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