3 Secrets to Creating Engaging Content

Photography by  Corina Esquivel

Photography by Corina Esquivel

Is your dad the only person commenting/liking your social media posts?

Mine used to too. To be fair, he still does but so do many others.

It’s the worst feeling to hear crickets when you’ve worked really hard to create content that you know is valuable to your tribe. So, how the heck do you get their attention? Well, you’re probably missing these these key ingredients. On today’s episode, I’m share three things you can start implementing today to grow a tribe and produce content worth engaging with.

When you are creating content that's engaging...you’ve got to do something special with the text. It has to connect with the heart. You're content needs to be vulnerable. 

– Beth G. Harper, Founder of Steadfast Society

Episode Highlights

  • How to create content that your followers will actually engage with.

  • How the Jenna Kutcher Five helped me.

  • Using stunning snaps to stops your ideal clients scroll!

  • The one trick that helped me develop my photography skills (without a professional camera)!

  • Why testing your content is essential.

  • What will separate you from those who become a success and those who don’t.


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