Giving Back Through A One-For-One Business Model with Betsy Drach of Dot


Isn’t it the freaking worst when a tampon starts to leak?

Don’t even get me started on pads that feel like adult diapers!

Now, can you imagine living in a third world country where you don’t even have the luxury of a tampon or pad?

On today’s podcast episode, I chat with Betsy Drach who is the founder of Dot, a modern menstrual cup company, all about her one-for-one business model (similar to brands like TOMS or Warby Parker) where for every Dot cup purchased, one will be given to a girl in need. She also shares the journey she’s gone through to build her business will being a first time mom.

By the way, Dot is less than a year old and these mighty cups are already in stores like FreePeople and been featured in magazines like Darling!


Based out of Chicago, Betsy has as a background in advertising, art direction and graphic design. She previously worked for World Vision, the #1 non-government provider of clean water in the world, and today, she partners with her previous employer to get Dot cups in the hand of women in need.


“I’ve had so many people tell me that their favorite thing about the dot cup is forgetting that they’re on their period all together.”

– Betsy Drach, Founder of Dot


In 2011, she was introduced to her very first menstrual cup. Around the same time she was also introduced to the plight of women and girls around the world without access to basic menstrual care products. It stirred something inside her. The problem and its solution quite literally collided in her mind, heart, and hands, and the idea for a 1-for-1 menstrual cup company was born.

Episode Highlights

  • How she came up with the idea for Dot and the perks of using a Dot cup instead of tampons

  • Betsy educates us on the menstrual cup and how to use it

  • Her top tips when it comes to starting a 1-for-1 business model

  • What caused Betsy to put he dream on hold for 4 years and her advice when you’re in a season of waiting

  • What finally pushed her to launch the business she’d been dreaming about for years

  • Launching a business with a newborn and how Betsy deals with mommy guilt

  • How to find manufacturers for your product based business

  • When a closed-door becomes a blessing

  • Finding the right partnerships

  • Top two tips for women who want to start a product based business


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