Building A 6-Figure Network Marketing Empire with Jasmin Niemiec


Jasmine is a Business Coach & Lifestream Expert for aspiring business women who want to take their passions and turn them into profits.

In 2015, as a new wife and first time second grade teacher, Jasmin had to throw out her 5-year plan (you know, the one where her and her husband Joe had planned to pay off debt, buy a house, get settled, and THEN have kids!) when she found out she was pregnant with their first child.

She knew she wanted the freedom of staying home with her baby so it lit a fire in her to find a way to get out of debt before their second child came along! All this, while still being able to use her gifts and skills to impact the lives of others. She launched herself as a Running Coach, and over time, her business evolved into Business Coaching.

As of March 2017, Jasmin has paid off all those pesky student loans. She has a business that allows her to work with her absolute favorite clients, works ONLY 1-3 hours per day, and finally has the financial FREEDOM to give more, stress less, and spend more time with her family.


As I get older, I Just kinD of care less what people will think. And, It's not really about 'what will people thinking' but, 'What difference are you making?'

– Jasmin Niemiec


Episode Highlights

  • Scrapping her 5-year plan and how her goal to stay at home with her kiddos fueled her to reach financial success.
  • Failing twice in network marketing and finding the perfect network marketing company the third time around.
  • Getting over what others think so you can move ahead quickly.
  • The 4 questions you should ask yourself before joining a network marketing company.
  • Why it's best to stick it out even when you feel like giving up. 
  • How she gets over 90% of her customers from livestreams and her TOP TIPS for doing the same!


Recommended Resources From This Episode:

Book - High-Performance Habits by Brenden Burchard


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