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Nurture customer relationships and sell with ease with email marketing.

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learn how to design an email marketing strategy that will have your subscribers dying to read your newsletters so that when it comes time for you to's easy!

They say, "your list is your money maker," it's true. And you have no clue what list they could possibly be talking about because the only list you’re looking at is: your to-do list. Email marketing is the #1 way I drive big profits in my business and I put together an INCREDIBLE guide to walk you through how to find the same success in email list building.

In this guide, you'll learn how to...

  • Set up an email marketing strategy and understand how to start make 5 figures and beyond from your list.
  • Design gorgeous, stand-out email templates that make you look like a professional.
  • Create open-worthy subject lines so you can get your tribe to read your amazing newsletters!
  • Set up a easy plan to stay on top of your email writing and marketing.




A proven step-by-step guide to get clear on how to set up and start marketing with email like a pro.

content planner

Plan out your value packed content with our smart system so you don't fall behind on email marketing!

6 video tutorials

Video training to guide you through getting the best use out of our workbook so you can reach your financial goals in your business. We'll also help you navigate through getting set up with an email marketing tool!

BONUS sales funnel workbooks

Know exactly how to build your own sales funnel with three of our top converting sales funnels!

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She’s given me some really great systems and structures to implement. My favorite one was her working backwards financial approach. She gave me a business structure where I could write down what my financial goals were, and then work backwards through that to achieve them. It’s been a game-changer realizing this tool and I’ve since shared it with my own clients. After I started working with Beth, I launched my business, and I got my first client within two days.

– Alarke, High Performance Coach, New York City


Hey love!

I'm one of the few lucky women who learned early on to create an email marketing strategy for my business. Maybe business owners overlook this and later regret it because they know they missed out on incredible profit!

Email marketing doesn't have to be as scary / confusing / frustrating as you’re making it out to be. And, the best part, you DON’T have to sound like a scammy salesman to make the sale! Let me walk you through how to serve your audience with the right offers until the time comes for you to sell (and let me make ya a success so that when you hit send, you make the sale!).

Let's do this!

Lots of love, 

Beth xo

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