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Before starting my entrepreneurial journey with Beth I was just a blogger with big dreams and no clear sense of direction.

After being made redundant after seven years as a high school teacher and then landing a part-time role at my church, I found myself with a lot more time on my hands than I was used to and I saw that as a sure sign to finally move things forward in my business… except, I had no idea where to start!

That’s when I came across online business coaching and Beth Harper! Having coached and mentored women offline for over a decade as a volunteer at various churches, I knew that coaching was a powerful tool but wasn’t sure how it would work in the online business world, and so I actually needed TWO discovery calls with Beth before I was ready to make the investment! Thankfully, she was gracious enough to answer my many questions and I finally felt as though this might be something which would work for me.


After one call with Beth I’d already set up my online shop and had started selling my e-books which were previously just collecting dust on my laptop!

Beth gave me the push I needed to step into the more I was made for. We talked through the limiting beliefs I had around moving beyond hobby status and stepping into my potential. We also started talking about how I would begin to move my teaching, coaching and mentoring skill and experience into the online space through my e-course and my 1:1 program.Beth kept me motivated, inspired and accountable every single step of the journey as well as giving me the exact tools, skills and guidance I needed to leverage my years of teaching, coaching and mentoring experience online.


As I mentioned, I had not one, but two discovery calls before making the investment in working with Beth! I was so nervous about parting with money I didn’t have, but I also knew I was no longer available to be stuck, confused and fearful about walking in my worth and building my business. So I spoke to my husband and thankfully, he agreed to pray with me about moving forward. After we both felt like this was the right step, I jumped in and paid in full with money we didn’t have.

Some might call it crazy, but I’ve since made more than enough to pay that back – so the leap of faith, though completely scary, was totally worth it!


Since working with Beth, as well as moving mindset mountains and lifting the lid on my limiting beliefs...


I’ve received results I had no idea were possible for me!

  • Doubled my monthly 9-5 income.
  • Had a fully booked month on my 1:1 programme less than four months post launch!
  • Launched my mindset e-course and met my non-negotiable number of 30 women filling the course from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.
  • Published my two devotional e-books online.
  • Doubled my email list.
  • Created a highly engaged Facebook group for Christian female entrepreneurs which has attracted hundreds of women in under two months.


Since working with Beth I’ve achieved goals I was previously too nervous to even set for myself! I knew that God had given me huge dreams created me with purpose in mind, but I just wasn’t clear on how to get started. Beth helped me get the clarity I so needed as well as encouraging me to dream bigger than I ever imagined possible.

I now have the huge privilege of doing work I not only love, but also know I’m 100% called to.


Working with Beth has changed everything for my life and business.

If I’d had decided to stay stuck in overwhelm, I don’t doubt that I’d be in exactly the same place I was.

Beth called the more I was made for out of me with her supportive, motivating, challenging and inspiring accountability and beyond.

I cannot stress enough the importance of stepping into all you were made for, lovely. You might not know it right now, but you are literally extraordinary. Take a leap of faith, get some support and step into what you were created for. Trust me, nothing is worse than ‘what if?’


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