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Independent Business Opportunity

You Don't need your own business idea To start a financially thriving business.

We've partnered with the Freedom Collective so you can launch your own luxury, vegan hair care business. I know, I care?!

Maybe you're thinking... "Beth, I like making my hair looks nice but I'm not a hair/beauty nut!". We can totally relate. 

But maybe you don't have a business idea and really need income.

Or, you've launched a business but desperately need to add a passive income stream.

Did you know that the average millionaire has seven revenue streams? 

We're helping thousands of women thrive financially thanks to the Freedom Collective. Join us.



We're showing you how to Make $1K in your biz

We're inviting you to partnering with us in the Freedom Collective.

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When You Partner With Us, You Get...


to Be Your Own Boss

Call the shots and run your own side business the way YOU want to. Our team will give you a hand in the process but this is YOUR biz.


Earn through the roof

There has never been a better time to partner with us. This company is new and the compensation plan is unlike any other.


Freedom CO. Sisterhood

Success rarely happens from doing it on your own. If you're ready to earn BIG, our team of business savvy gal will take you to the top!


Coached & Mentored

You'll get thousands worth of coaching (really, just go check my Private Coaching price!) by simply being part of our team.


Create your oWn schedule

You get to decide when and how much you work. Now you'll have time for the imporatnt things in life!


Have luscious hair

Who would have thought that hair-care could be the solution to your freedom! Have gorgous hair while earning well.

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Meet Your Mentors & New Business Besties


Erika Sheffer

Tired of exchanging hours for dollars, Erika saw an opportunity to create residual passive income through this partnership. She's paved the way for our team and over 5,000 others!

More About Erika

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 11.52.04.png

Lindsey Plevyak

After successfully growing a sought after photography business, Lindsey found herself burned out. This partnership has allowed her to add a new revenue stream.

More About Lindsey

BGH_MIA17_016 (1).jpg

Beth G. Harper

Having worked with hundreds of women, Beth knows a thing or two about earning big through business. She saw a chance to help more women create freedom with this partnership.

More about Beth


Rachel McMichaels

Her friends call her the TechSpert, Rachel is the master of all things technical when it comes to building systems for your online businesses. Alongside her agency, she joined FC because she saw an opprtunity to expand her online empire.


Jasmin Niemiec

With a degree in education, this former 2nd grade teacher turned entrepreneur has helped over a thousands women launch their own businesses. Her heart for family first business second led Jasmin to FC to help more women be able to do the same.


Kate & Judy Moon

This fun and vibrant mother-daughter duo started online as empowerment coaches helping women around the world achieve their life and business goals. They joined FC because the saw an opportunity to earn while building up more business women.



From business to marketing, to branding, to mindset, to tech support...Girl, we've got you covered when you partner with the Freedom Collective.

Ready To Create Income While Still Preserving Your Freedom?

Maybe you don't have your own business idea. Maybe you want to create more passive income (did you know millionaire on average have SEVEN income streams). Maybe you want to gain more experience before you dive into your big business idea. Maybe you just need to earn more, now.

This is your chance FOr something more.

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Let's chat and see if this is the right business OPPortunity for you!

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