I get a lot of the same questions from friends, family, entrepreneurs, + a lot of different people. Sadly, I don't Always have the time to respond to everyone. If you have questions about my work, equipment, editing, process, etc, here are some basic answers.


What kind of equipment do you use?

I often get asked if I'm a photographer but I like to consider myself a Mobile Photographer! My photographer, Amanda Julca, took most of my website pictures. I take a lot of my own Instagram and blog images on my iPhone. 


What programs/app do you use to edit?

I use PicTapGo, VSCOCam, and SnapSeed to edit pictures. I love Photoshop for design work. 



How do you get your colors the way they do?

I use VSCO presets. My favorite filter is S2.



Can you tell me in depth on how you edit?

I'm teaching an Instagram for Business class on how to grow your Instagram so you can bring in more clients! The course covers more in depth on how I edit my photos. You can find out more here!



Who makes your website?

I use Squarespace. I highly recommend it as it's easy to use!



Do you have any tips for beginner mobile photographers?

Something I always tell people is to try and use as much natural lighting as possible. Overcast is ideal for portraits so you don't have to worry about awkward shadows. If you’re located where it’s sunny, it’s sometimes fun to play with shadows. Otherwise the best time is right before the sun sets. I also like to shoot at different locations: forests, lakes or rivers, indoors with natural window lighting, and cool walls in a city. Try and explore for those great locations in your area so you can incorporate those in your shoots.