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Ever since I remember I have been helping small businesses both in London and Sydney. I knew that one day I would run my own business, however I have never planned to start my business straight after finishing my degree in Business. Normally, people after finishing their degree are advised to go and get experience in the corporate world. In my case, however, things didn't work the way I have planned. 

One day I have attended an event where one of the speaker was Beth Harper. I liked what Beth was doing and saw an opportunity that I knew I needed to make the most of it. I had many plans for this year, plans to travel, plans to  relocate, plans to get my dream job but nothing seemed to work. 

I have decided that it was time to do something different and invest in the opportunity at hand. I decided to do what I believed I was going to do one day, to start doing it now.

Instead of running a business one day, to invest into that dream now.


I took two days to decide and invest with working with Beth. I was so desperate for change and this seemed the exact opportunity to propel the business idea I had forward. I saw that all the dots were aligning. Beth was doing something I believed I was suppose to do one day so I was curious to learn from her. 

In my first month working with Beth, I was building my confidence and was starting to have more clarity. I realised that to be successful in business, I need to build first that inner confidence. I believe that investing with Beth not only helped my business but more importantly helped me become a savvy business woman that I am today. If it was not for Beth, believing in me and guiding me in this first months of setting things I would have not be able to recognise some of the limiting beliefs. 

Getting things from the ground is not easy, so following someone who has done it themselves saved time and made it a bit easier.

Working with Beth propelled me to do things quickly, literally I felt I was on the fast track. 


As newly graduate, investing in starting a business was something I have not planned. Before deciding to go all in, I woke up in the morning with the thought “Do not wait to do what you want to do one day, do it now. Step into what you want to do now, even thought you may have not planned or know everything.”

I used the money I had been saving for my travels. It wasn't an easy decision, as traveling is something I love doing. It was like lying one dream down for another. But I was willing to sacrifice short term enjoyment for long term gain.



After working few months with Beth, I was able to achieve what I thought would have taken me months. I was able to...

  • Launch a business in less than three months
  • Work with clients One-On-One only a month after launching my business
  • Launched a Goal Setting One-On-One sessions coaching program
  • Created a Social Media Workshop teaching entrepreneurs how to best utilise social media to build their brand and hosted one workshop already 


I was able to achieve a lot in a short time because I believe I took the leap of faith and invested to work with a coach. Working with Beth, enabled me to set some ambitious goals and also provided an action steps to get there.

To be honest, I never believed I could accomplish as much in such a short time. However, Beth helped me accomplish those goals and taught me how to aim for more. Sometimes you need someone to believe in you to propel you towards a bigger life.


After working with Beth, I discovered a quick way to grow my business. Deciding to work with Beth has been one of the most important investment I have done. There is no doubt, that I got so far in my business because of the Start up society and working with Beth. I asked myself, a year from now, what is the one thing you will have wished you have done or started? For me that was starting now and investing into what I believed I was suppose to do one day. 


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