"Working with Beth was great, she really focuses on you and your business in the sessions. She was able to create a special program catered for my needs. She is great at providing resources and walking you though and showing you how to implement them. Beth really helped me get all the paperwork in place to make my coaching business solid. I hit my first 10K month within 60 days of working together! She is a great person and I'm so happy I decided to work with her!"

— Jennifer Jade, 27, Business Strategist, Beverly Hills



"I'm not exaggerating when I say that working with Beth has totally changed things for my life and biz. She is amazing! I begun our journey together without a clear sense of direction for my business, I just KNEW I was meant for more. Beth drew that 'more' out of me by breaking the unhelpful mindset barriers I'd put up for myself. That sort of work would have been enough in and of itself, but Beth also provided me with invaluable tech knowledge which has propelled me forward in my business. During the time I spent working with Beth, I created my first sales funnel, opened my online shop (with products which were previously collecting dust on my laptop!), dug deep into my message and have emerged with a God-given sense of direction and purpose and, thanks to Beth, the exact tools I need to live it out!"

— Naomi Aidoo, Author and Clarity & Strategy Coach



"Beth Harper is a complete gem. She cares deeply for her clients, and serves them whole-heartedly. She is genuine, creative, and extremely knowledgable about the coaching industry. Beth can authentically support you in creating your own dream business because she has done it herself! - if you have the opportunity to work with her - take it!"

— Sarah King, Business Coach and Founder of Simply Sarah King, North Carolina



“Beth is a superstar social media guru.

She has understood my brand and my message from the get-go, and I trust her explicitly to create a social media strategy that converts into followers and sales. She helped me gain more engagement on Facebook and over 1K followers a month on Instagram. In fact, I just hit 11K followers in less than 8 months!

She has an artist’s eye and is a rising star in the industry! Hurry and hire her before it’s too late!”

— Emily Williams, Success Coach at I Heart My Life, London



I came a long way from feeling overwhelmed and disorganised to competent and aligned with my audience with the powerful, yet gentle guidance of Beth. I believe that I achieved 100% my goals I set before working with Beth to overcome the winding maize of social media. As the former social marketing specialist for I Heart My Life and her own social proof I had no doubts. I learned to reshape my Instagram account, post strategy, FB ads intro with ease, and overall social media strategy. Beth was able to explain overwhelming topics with ease and grace. Gentle, yet powerful guidance. I would absolutely recommend her to other female entrepreneurs. There are many experts out there, and Beth has a proofed track record of her expertise.

— Silk Cilia, Counselling Psychologist for Relationships , Dubai



“Beth is absolutely amazing!  During our weekly coaching sessions Beth was able to guide me through the skills I needed to start my online network marketing business. Our time together enabled me to learn about social media, create my free opt-in, landing page, and sales funnel. Beth’s detailed delivery and kind nature gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my business! Thanks so much Beth!”

— Missy Lorenz, Independent Arbonne Consultant, Columbus, Ohio



"Working with Beth was a real game changer for me and my business. I gained so much clarity and confidence in how I wanted to market my business online. Right from the start she journeys with you and fast becomes your number one champion. Empowering coaching sessions, supportive emails, up to date guidance on social media trends, online marketing confidence building etc etc would be more than enough, but Beth commits herself 110% by constantly finding external resources and information specifically tailored to you & your business. Looking for a coach who is committed to your own success as much you are, then look no further you’ve found her!”

— Renie Gray, Leadership & Business Coach, UK.



"Beth is an absolute gem! She included mindful business strategy to our session that made me feel super energetic and excited for my business moving forward. Our time together was jam packed full of valuable marketing information that was completely new to me and Beth’s detailed delivery meant that I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all! I now have both clarity and confidence around social media I was desperately lacking before. Thanks so much Beth!"

— Brooke Price, Pro Makeup Artist, England



"Beth is an entrepreneur who's out to change the world and that's why I love her! She's intelligent and SO inspiring. If you want to make a big leap in your life it means you need Beth in your life.

Beth helped me gain clarity on how I want to do my business. She is also an AMAZING social media expert!!! I saw a significant difference in my coaching business because of her. To invest in myself and my business was the best decision I ever made.

I am a better business woman and person because of the 90 days program with Beth."

— Iga Dominica, Business Coach, Poland



"Working with Beth has been a dream! I never realized how much I would value having someone in my corner that is encouraging me and is just as enthused and supportive about my dreams as I am about them. She has challenged me to not only grow my business, but also to grow as a person. 

I will never be able to thank her enough for giving me such great vision and inspiration to go after the things that truly matter. She has not only helped me to grow all my various platforms and liven up my branding and business ventures, but has really helped me to unlock unspoken goals and dreams and given me direction for things I never even thought to ask for! If you are thinking about working with Beth, jump in! You will thank yourself for it and be better as a result!"

— Kelly Halsch, Author & Photographer, California



"Beth is a social media genius. 

She makes it fun, easy and completely understands your message, brand and mission.  Working with Beth will take your social media to the next level!

Get ready to grow your presence and impact while protecting your time and freedom!"

— Sarah Kaler, Business & Leadership Coach, Washington



"Beth is an incredibly talented social media guru. In just one session she helped me to identify the missing pieces in my social media marketing and implement a strategy to create an Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest profile that was on-brand, consistent and attracts my ideal client. She also gave me the tools I needed to increase my followers on Instagram and as a result, I've seen an increase in followers and engagement on my business account. If you're stuck with social media and want to create a profile that's on-brand and cement's yourself as an authoritative entrepreneur in your industry, Beth can help you get there. I can't thank her enough for her expert assistance in taking my brand to the next level. If you get the chance, work with her while you still can!"

— Janelle Ladwig, Success Coach, London




"I always loved the Instagram platform but I struggled with using it as a tool to build my business and making my images look cohesive.  After working with Beth I'm literally obsessed with my feed, I have nearly DOUBLED my followers in just a month, and I created a brand that feels 100% aligned with my mission.  If you're looking to fall in love with a stand out brand and use Instagram as a platform for your business then you need to reach out to Beth, she knows what she's talking about!"

— Linda Bello, Business Coach, Colorado



"Thank you for the suggestion of an Instagram expert! The best. My account is growing by 70-100 people a day!"

— Ariel Frey, Success Coach & Business Strategist, Chicago



"I can’t say enough about how I feel about my time with Beth. When I started my 90-day coaching program with her, I was confused about my business and my direction.

Within the FIRST CALL, I felt like I had a weight lifted off my shoulders. She helped me gain so much clarity on WHERE AND WHAT I was doing. Each session I learned more and more about myself and what was holding me back. I saw a significant different in my coaching business within the first TWO WEEKS of working with Beth.

Each coaching call made me more and more excited about the future. This was by far THE BEST INVESTMENT I MADE FOR MYSELF…. EVER. Thank you Beth for not only helping me with my business and my dreams, but believing in me. I am a better business woman and person because of your help."

— Nikki Pebbles, Fitness & Wellness Coach, New York



"The support I received from Beth with my social media was simply outstanding! She was generous with her knowledge, explained everything so clearly and was really encouraging.

I would not hesitate to work with Beth again!"

— Jo Sweeney, Mindset Coach, England