How Food Affects Your Workflow With Kara Swanson of Life Well Lived

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Kara Swanson is a certified nutritionist, recipe developer, and meal plan creator over at Life Well Lived. Her passion is to show that eating clean + healthy is not only simple but also really delicious. Life is crazy and Kara loves making the food part a no-brainer by sharing quick + easy meals for those busy weeknights. No more boring chicken + broccoli. Her meal plans have helped hundreds of women make meal time a breeze, lose weight and fall in love with healthy eating.

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The things with diets is that they come and go…go back to the basics instead of focusing so much on the diet. Focus on eating whole foods as well as starting small. I encourage women to start by changing one habit at a time and then in a few weeks adding another habit in.

– Kara Swanson of Life Well Lived


Episode Highlights


  • Why Kara's daughter, London was the reason that Life Well Lived was born.
  • The power of food and how clean eating can be both easy and delicious.

  • What she's done to become more confident as an entrepreneur.
  • The recipe she developed that I make EVERY single week!
  • Tips to overcome emotional and binge eating. No more weekend slip ups.


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