Why You Should Jump Into Ice Cold Water...

Dear Darling,

I had to say, "see you later" to my husband who was headed back to England yesterday.I already miss him terribly. I'll be here in Miami for another month while I wait for me sweet little nephew to be born!


We've been here for almost four weeks and have gone swimming most days! It was so strange to have a warm holiday season but the upside was being able to go to the pool whenever we wanted. 

That's the true meaning of the laptop lifestyle!

The first few days here were really hot and perfect pool weather. The following week was chillier but Steve and I had gotten into the routine of swimming laps. It was something we were trying to do daily to stay active and so I could ween myself into going to the gym regularly.

Although it was much cooler and harder to get into the pool, we did it anyways! 

Those first couple jumps into the freezing water were crazy cold. Those days I only wanted to hot tub it!

But Steve and I would stand by the edge of the pool holding hands trying to convince ourselves to get in. As soon as we braved it into the water, our plan was to swim as fast as we could to stay warm.


A few days ago it was so windy and I had no desire to go into the pool but really wanted to do my laps because staying active was starting to make me feel great! I quickly jumped in and warmed up really fast. It dawned on me that feeling scared to jump into the cold water wasn't much of an obstacle anymore. It had become a lot easier to do something that was terribly hard a few weeks ago.

Your online business is the exact same.

Taking the leap into something that feels like ice cold water can be overwhelming. 

Maybe for you that's investing in your personal development or learning skill that'll help you grow your business. It might mean getting strict about being more disciplined or it could be finally launching that amazing program you know will transform the life and business of your clients!

Whatever it is for you – leap!

The moment you take the leap, the easier it becomes to taking the leap again when it's time to up-level. 

So, how are you going to be a #braveboss this first quarter of the year, this month, and this week? 

I'd truly love to know. Just hit reply to share what you've chosen to commit yourself to these first few months of the year!

The best is yet to come,

Beth xo

P.S. My interview with Alexis Teichmiller (who is a total doll) on The Laptop Lifestyle is live! It's a good one! Listen to it here. In this episode, you'll learn the importance of being brave in business, how to create a successful coaching business, the power of influence, and how to build a solid community in person and online to surround you with encouragement.