Why You Should Be Repurposing Your Content


Hi Darling,

My husband is a total movie buff and we've spent waaaay too many hours in front of our television watching movies from his never ending collection! Luckily, my guy doesn't just watch anything, we watch all the good stuff which includes some incredible classics like Blade Runner, Lord of The Rings, Jaws, and many others!

But I've been noticing an interesting trend happening in the movie industry...

It seems like I'm constantly seeing the "remake of _____" or the "new and revised version of ______" or "the sequel to ______" coming soon to theaters near you!

Movies are being expanded on with sequels, remade, or repurposed. 

How is this relevant to business?

For a long time, I believed I had to continually make new content over and over and over and over again. It was exhausting! If I had to brainstorm another new things to talk about I was going to explode! I was running out of ideas!

That's when a coach told me "new members in your tribe are seeing your old post for the first time!". That's when it clicked!

You may feel like you're repeating yourself over and over again and that's okay.

You need to constantly repeat your message to get through to the people who have been watching AND to be heard for the first time by the newbies in your tribe.

You don't have to keep reinventing the wheel. Repurpose your old content. Don't let it go to waste. You'll also find that you have new stories to share on the same exact topics you've already shared on before! And, yes, people will still get value from hearing it.

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Make sure to set aside time to go through the trainings. Go the extra mile and mark your calendar with designated time to work through the material!

If you're in a content funk, I'm sure you have some great content sitting around waiting to be used again!  

What content can you pull from the past and repurposing for your audience today? 

Lots of love,

Beth xo

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