What’s In Your Bank Account?


Dear Darling,

I didn't always have my finances in order. There was money going out of our bank account and by the end of the month we'd run into our overdraft...again! Can you relate?


When I first moved to England, my husband and I struggled to make ends meet. So much so that for our first year of marriage my in-laws bought us groceries! I was beyond grateful but hated having to lean on our family for help.  

Back then, I avoided going out for lunch or coffee fearing that my card would get declined! I hated checking my bank app only to see that we were in the red.

When I launched my business, I thought I could keep avoiding my bank account. Wrong!

Although I was making more money, it was still disappearing because we weren't monitoring our income well. And, the more I made the bigger my business expenses were.

Something had to give!

My husband and I had a rough idea of where our money was being spent but I finally decided to sit down and map out where our money was really going. I was committed to managing our money wisely! 

I soon realized that we were spending so much in areas that really didn't matter to us. We were better off investing in things that meant something to us...like traveling!

Now, the reality is that managing your finances is just a thing you should know how to do as an grown up but I know too many (fully grown) women who fear looking at their finances. #adulting

I get it. No one enjoys seeing they don't have enough for that dream trip to Paris or to simply take your loved one on a romantic date. But knowing the ins and outs of your finances can bring a lot of peace of mind. In fact, when there's a month that I need more money for something in particular, maybe it's for Facebook Ad's or to hire a new team member, I fight harder to reach my goal because I know exactly what I need that money for!

I love checking my account every morning to see what's come in and what's gone out. Plus, it's exciting to see how my business is growing (even if that means seeing money go out into investments that will help us grow!). 

And, I no longer have to hope I'll have enough money when I got out for lunch because I know what's in my account.

Do you know what's in your bank account? If you don't, I challenge you to take time this week to sit down and make a financial plan for your life and business. You can make this fun! Grab a glass of wine and turn the music up while you work on becoming a better CEO.  

Business is about to pick up,  

Beth xo

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