What Price are you Paying by NOT doing ______ in your Business?

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Are you paying a price for staying comfortable with your business strategies?

Over the last few months, I’ve been paying a price for taking more time off. 

It’s meant being okay with not making as much income as I’m used to but what I’ve gotten in return has been priceless. 

I don’t know about you but I would rather run a successful small business that allows me to…

  • Spend time with my nieces and nephew
  • Travel whenever and wherever 
  • Hang out with my husband, parents, and brothers 
  • Go to the pool multiple times a week
  • Exercise 3-4 times a week
  • Have time for coffee dates with girlfriends!

…than run a business that obligates me to focus on it 24-7.

But, there’s a price to pay for your dreams. 


There’s also a price to pay for staying comfortable. 

I’m paying a price for my comfort because I’m still in the process of setting up more income streams in my business that I said I would do moooonths ago.

When it came time to get them done, resistance really started kicking my butt!

You’re not the only one who struggles to get something important done! The thing is...

Resistance can be deadly!

Deadly to your progress.

Deadly to your financial success.

Deadly to your personal relationships. 

Deadly to your passion. 

So until then, there’s a sacrifice I’m making. You might be making one right now too!

The great news is, this sacrifice is ONLY temporary because once those streams are up and running…watch out world because we’re in business!

I hated being at a 9-5 that barely gave me time to spend with my husband or little time off to go visit my family abroad.

You’ll never see me do that again. 

I’m committed to paying the price for my dreams this first quarter of the year. 

Business doesn’t have to be hard. There are simple systems you can set up to automate more of your business and sales so that you’re not on your laptop or phone 24-7.

You just need to know how to do it well!

Remember, growth + progress come from doing something outside your comfort zone.

What price are you paying for staying comfortable in your business?

Lots of love,

- Beth & The SS Team xo


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