What I Really Wanted To Do On My Wedding Night

This time last year, I married the charming Steven Harper. He's an extraordinary British guy from Birmingham, England. On Christmas Eve 2013 he asked me to marry him and I said, "yes!" 2 months later we tied the knot and flew off to England where I started married life...in a new country.

Although we knew we were going to get married for a long time, we were only engaged for 2 months. Thanks to Pinterest, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted but didn’t buy/hire anything until after we got engaged. 

For a long time, I wouldn't allow God to take control of my love life. I thought I had it all figured out until my heart was shattered to pieces. But He had an even better plan for me. It goes something like this...

Girl follows high school sweet heart to college. Girls heart gets torn to pieces by high school sweet heart so she transfers schools for a semester. Girl decides to travel the world to find herself. Finds handsome British boyfriend instead (and herself)! Handsome Brit says he loves her after 3 weeks. Freaks girl out. He has an accent so she feels the relationship out. After a year of long distance they get engaged. Two months later they get married and girl moves her life to England. 

  1. I love my love story because it turned out to be so much better than I had ever imagined. If it would have gone as I had planned, I'd still be in Ohio and eventually be a soccer mom. Now, I'm living with a man who loves me and challenges me. I'm with a man who loved social media and business just as much as I do. A man who loves community and has a heart for God. A man who wants to explore the world with me!

As most brides, once we got close to the wedding day, I no longer cared what was going on. I was too tried and exhausted! 

The night before our wedding, I cried myself to sleep as Steven just hugged me. I was tired and I told him I wanted to spend the next day cuddling and watching Netflix. I told him, "we can even go to the court house in the morning and get married but then come home and watch Netflix." He laughed at me and just supported me during my bridezilla moment. The next morning I woke up and was still tired. We had planned to go to church and get coffee together but because I was so moody, on our way to church, Steve turned the car around and we headed to Starbucks. He knew I just needed some time to chill out. 

Starbucks did the trick. Maybe I just needed coffee that whole time! After Steve made me laugh, I finally started smiling and getting excited for our wedding day. 

We went home and, as usual, we were running late. Nothing new there. I gathered all the things that I would need for the day and our little honeymoon. Then off I went to the Westin Columbus with my videographer and my make-up artist, my childhood friend Laura.

Once I got to the hotel, I saw all my bridesmaids and I was so happy, giddy, and excited to be spending the rest of my life with my husband. 

I'm rather picky, so there were a lot of little things I would have done better but our wedding day turned out more beautiful then both Steve and I expected. 

We were surrounded by friends and family. We're so thankful for everyones support throughout our relationship and first year of marriage. It wasn’t an easy one. But I love my husband and I love the life I have with him. 

This year has been one of the most exciting yet hardest years of my life. Being married and in love is a choice Steve and I make everyday. Steve is one of the sweetest and kindest guys I've met. He has incredible morals and judgment. I truly admire him as a professional and hope only to be half as good as he is someday. 

But man, can this guy make me angry. It's in those moments where I have to make a decision. And I will always choose him. 

I don't care if he's English, short tempered or an amazing business man...at the end of the day he's my husband and I choose him.

Last year. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.