The Art Of Waiting


Hi Darling,

There will be seasons in your business where you simply have to wait to see if an attempt at a new marketing strategy will work or not. I always feel this way when I start brand new Facebook Ads. They're a huge reason behind my business success but they can drive me a little wild at times too. 

They don't always convert the way I want them to or I have to spend a day waiting around to see if they'll work leaving me with a lot of time to myself. If you're a first time entrepreneur than you may be wishing you had more time on your hands! Trust me, as your business grows, you can!

After all, didn't you create your business to have freedom? 

So take advantage of this down time! Here's how to master the waiting game...

1. Time for Self-Care!

I'll never say "no" to self-care if I'm given extra time for it because it's been crucial to my physical and mental health. I try my best to exercise and eat well (still love pizza!) so that I can be the very best version of myself everyday. I do this for me and for the sake of my clients (oh, and my husband)! The better I feel the better I serve others. 

Self-care can look like finally picking up that book you started months ago and actually finishing it. Going on a long scenic and relaxing walk. Scheduling appointments for mani/pedis. Or, taking a spinning class led by your favorite instructor! Whatever makes your feel good physically and mentally, this is the best time to do it! 


Plus, it'll be guilt free since you have to wait for a little action to spark in your business before you can do anything else. 

2. Work on those pesky things you've been putting off

We all have those annoying to-do tasks that get pushed to the next day and the next and so on. You probably don't want to do them but this is the best time to finally get them out of the way. Finally get some admin work done, catch up on old emails, update your blog, take care of your finances, top up your social media posts, decluttering your environment, or set up a dentist appointment. 

You know what need to get done. It'll be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders once they're completed. Promise! 

3. Catch-up with a biz bestie/real life friend

I always find that this is a great time to reconnect with some of my girlfriend. It's a chance to nurture relationships that truly matter to me! Reach out to a biz bestie and schedule a virtual coffee date or ask your a local girlfriend to meet you for lunch!

I love hosting friends for a quick lunch date during the week. It's a reminder that I'm not tied to a 9-5 lifestyle and my friends find it to be a treat!

4. Plan a day trip

If you've got time on your hands than why not go explore somewhere you've never been to that's near by. Quick trips always inspire me and even trigger great ideas for my business.

To me, these trips are business building activities since I tend to get great inspiration that fuels my business!

5. Show off a fun day on social media

My clients come to me because I have something they want. Whether it's a profitable online business or the freedom to travel while I work, they want what I've got! You're clients will too, so show them that freedom is possible for them. If you're the face of your business than your tribe wants to know what you're up to.

Do some fun things around town and give them a sneak peek into your day! Jump on Facebook Live or Instagram Stories and give them a taste of your lifestyle. Inspire them and share with them that what you have is possible for them too!

Time is a gift so use it wisely! Next time you have a few hours to kill you'll know what to do!

Business is about to pick up,

Beth xo

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