Say Cheese! How to plan an EXTRAORDINARY photoshoot…

Hi Darling,

At the end of last week, I got my photos back from my amazing shoot in Panama! It's been incredible to work with my seriously talented sister-in-law, Amanda Julca. She shoots for some of the big player in the industry! She has a gift for creating gorgeous branding shoots for coaches and entrepreneurs. Plus, photoshoots with her are so much fun.

Just take a look at these stunning shots below!


During my first branding photoshoot, I was all over the place. I could barely get myself to even look into the camera (I wish my first branding shoot had been with Amanda!).

For that reason, I decided to get some tips together to help you plan your next shoot so you're not a nervous wreck like I was!


Start by doing some research and then get in touch with photographers who appeal to you. Ask them about their packages and see who you connect with. It's important that your photographer makes you feel comfortable. They'll be taking your photos so they need to build a connection with you and make you feel confident in their work.

Also, make sure to find out how long it'll take to receive your photos after the shoot.



You need to find a couple locations (depending on the number of locations your package includes) to create the setting you envision for your shoot. This is something your photographer should help you with. Be very particular about where you decide to go. Think about your brand and the vibes you want your photos to give off. If you have a luxury brand make sure that the location you pick portrays wealth. If your brand is more down to earth, pick a location that is relaxed and natural.

A big part of my brand aspect of my brand is having freedom to travel which is why I've done my shoots all over the world. Wherever you decide to go, keep it on brand.



This part of planning your shoot is really crucial. What you wear can make or break your shoot. I recommend getting advice from your fashionista girlfriend in this department. Make sure your outfits and props reflect your brand. Think colors, patterns, materials, etc.. This should be well thought out. What you wear and your props should also be appealing to your potential clients.

I also recommend investing in new pieces of clothing for your shoot. When I wear something new, I feel like a million bucks! I'm sure you'll feel the same. Remember, this is an investment in your business so don't hold back. Choose to be a total stand-out!



Make sure you're well rested and full of energy! You want only high-vibes during your shoot. Don't forget to smile a lot! My best pictures are the ones where I have a huge smile on my face because they ooze joy!

Last things, keep your stomach clear of any heavy foods so you feel lite! Remember, you are beautiful. Everything will be great!



Each photographer has their own process but I recommend you stay in touch with your photographer after your shoot. It should take around 3-4 weeks to get your proofs back but, remember, this can vary. From there, you usually pick a few of your favorite pictures to get a special final edit.

I have colleagues who've had bad experiences with photographers that have taken months to get pictures back to them. I'm not trying to freak you out but instead make you aware. I've always had a great experience with the photographers I've worked with. Amanda is also extra speedy with this process which is super helpful when you need pictures back fast!

For my darlings in England, I have great news! Amanda will be in London mid-October and is booking dates for personal branding shoots. She took almost all of the photos on my site and the gorgeous ones you see in this email! If it's time to get new pictures or do your first shoot, I highly recommend her! 

I'm a little bias because she's my sister-in-law but I always have so much fun working with her and know other high-level coaches in the industry love the images she produces. She's helped us up-level our businesses and stand-out in the industry!

Darling, you can connect with her directly at with any questions and to reserve your spot! To get further inspired for your very own shoot, head over to her Branding Portraits Portfolio.

Can't wait to see your photos!

Beth xo

Ready, set, snap!,