Pin Your Heart Out

Dear Darling Beth,

Happy Monday!

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As you know, I could talk about Instagram all day but another platform that I adore is Pinterest. Of course, It’s another visual platform which is why I love it so much! It’s a space I love to use for inspiration and to really visualize the things I want to create. It’s also a platform where I can dream on, you can see some of my dreams on my vision board! I like to use Pinterest both for personal and business reason.

Pinterest is a great platform for many reasons. It’s especially useful for those who write blogs or share photography on their website. A few weeks ago, I attended a Pinterest Workshop at the gorgeous Fazeley Studio’s hosted by the Pinterest UK team. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I definitely left with some free goodies and VERY useful information!

Here are a few tips I took away from my time at the workshop...

1. Pinterest is not a social network.

This has never occurred to me as I place my Pinterest app right next to Facebook, Twitter, + Instagram. Lizzie, the Community Manager at Pinterest, explained that the platform isn’t really meant for interaction or making new friends but instead, it’s a bookmarking tool. 

2. The hashtag myth is a lie.

I’ve always been very curious about this one, I was never sure if hashtags were relevant or not on Pinterest. Here it is folks, straight from the Pinterest team, it’s not!

3. Be Descriptive.

My Pinterest account is curated with a very specific aesthetic, in fact, I wanted such a clean look that I stopped adding captions to my pins. Huge mistake! Since the workshop, I now take the time to write out a descriptive caption because it’s the only way Pinterest can categorize your pin. The more descriptive you are, the better chances others will come across your pin.  I’ve seen a huge shift on my following just by being more descriptive on Pinterest!

4. It’s not about followers.

Of course, we love getting more followers but on Pinterest success is measured by how viral your pin is. In fact, Lizzie kept saying that people rarely come and look at your profile.

If you have a social media manager or you run Pinterest yourself, I encourage you to at least start being descriptive when you pin. Every shift in the right direction will help your account flourish!

Happy Pinning!

Beth xo

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