Over $1000 In Passive Income While I Traveled This Month


Dear Darling,

I just got back from our EPIC trip to Israel! Goodness, I can't even begin to explain what an unforgettable trip it was. I've made new life-long friends, floated in the Dead Sea, been educated on new cultures, ate my heart out (tons of hummus and falafel), and so much more!

Here some of my favorite pics from our trip! 


I'm all about living life on your terms and having the freedom to say 'yes' to the EPIC opportunities that come your way. So when I was invited on this trip, I was in! As June got closer, I started feeling overwhelmed and kept thinking that I shouldn't go but desperately desired to see Israel. After all, it was on my bucket list and I thought this kind of opportunity would never come again! 

I feared what would happen while I unplugged from my business while in Israel. Our days was jam packed and I barely had time to check emails. And, if I'm being honest, creating passive income in my business hasn't been easy…at all.

It's been a constant trial and error effort. I can't tell you how many mistakes I've made and decided to fail forward each time but there have been some nights where I just wanted to hide under the covers an avoid all responsibility!


So I had to brave my fears as I decided to surrender my business while I traveled Israel, a country that I thought I wouldn't visit until much later in life. 

There's power in letting go of the things you hold on to tightly in your business.

When I chose to surrender, I came home and, as I did the math, realized I made $1000+ in passive income! (and it's not even the end of the month yet!)

Through everything, I've kept this quote close to my heart…

"I have learnt that faith means trusting in advance what will only
make sense in reverse." - Philip Yancey

Passive income is going to be a big revenue builder in my business. It already is! Although it's been a slow process (and it's been the same for many of my biz besties) it's all about resilience. It takes resilience to achieve what you want! 

You can have your cake and eat it too! ;) Just be patient with yourself and give yourself room to fail time and again. You'll hit the jackpot soon enough!

Business is about to pick up,  

Beth xo

P.S. See more of my Israel pics on Instagram! I'll be sharing more in the next couple days!