Need A Money Miracle?


Hi Darling 

I don't often talk about money mindset but I just had to share what happened last week when I prayed for a sign. You see, I have hefty goals for this month and I've been setting a plan into motion to create a money miracle.

Growing a business costs money and, because I love the work I do, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep it growing (nothing illegal, of course!). 


On Friday, I asked for a sign to confirm that I was headed in the right direction and a confirmation that God had everything under His control.

So in the afternoon, as I was rushing back home from the gym to get on the phone with a client. I looked down and saw a five pound note (around 7 US dollars)!

As soon as I saw it, the first thing that came to mind was a lesson I learned from my mentor, Marie Forleo. She once shared how she always picks up money, even if it's a penny. 

Marie's perspective of picking up even pennies is that you're attracting money (which is a great sign when you're a business owner)! 

But I was in such a rush that I almost missed it! 

I'm so glad I didn't and stopped to pick up the money. As I reached the front door of my house, I remembered that I'd prayed for a sign! I was amazing what a simple five pound note can do!

I'm grateful for Marie's lesson because it was a reminder to stop and pick up money that was meant for me! Plus, it was the confirmation I needed to move forward with my plan for the month.

It takes guts to try something new. And, that's what I'm doing this month, implementing a new strategy I've never done before. With the confirmation I asked for, I feel more confident than ever that it'll be a success!

Sometimes that's all we need. A sign to know that God has your back! 

I recorded a Facebook Live over in the Seriously Successful Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

 where I give you the full scoop on the story. (Excuse the no-make up and gym look!)

Click to watch video

Make a plan and ask for some confirmation. Your money miracles are on their way. 

Business is about to pick up,

Beth xo

P.S. If you need a money miracle ask for a sign than take the action needed to put your plan into motion!