Kick That Nasty Habit To The Curb


Hi Darling,

Have you ever had to give up something you love for a better outcome later? I have and it's not usually very fun. In fact, it can be pretty difficult but well worth it in the long run.

This morning, while going through my morning routine,  I read this...

"…unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds"

It hit me. I've had to kill off parts of who I am so I can grow into a new and improved version of myself. 

Anything that requires some form of death (sounds dark but stick with me) is not easy. In fact, it takes an average of 66 days to create a new habit. That's a long time to work on making something stick. 


I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to give up on going to the gym. 

It's been a good 3 months of consistently going and I've finally gotten over the hurdle of quitting. In fact, this morning I was telling my gym buddy how easy it is to go the gym now because it's just routine. Plus, I love how I feel after. 

Don't get me wrong. It's hard dragging myself out of bed and trying to change into gym clothes while only being half awake. 

But I just do it because it's what I do. It's part of a new habit I've created.  

I've never been obsessed with health and fitness but my body has asking me to make a change in this area. So, with some consistent hard work, I chose to kiss the laziness goodbye and got through those 66 days. 

It may sound like a long time, but at the end of each year we always say to our friends, "can you believe how fast the year went?". 66 days isn't much out of a year. 

So lets say you want to start following a morning routine that'll strengthen your mindset and help you get started on the right track everyday. It'll take 66 days of going against your previous habit (we want your bad habit to die!) by replacing it with a brand new one.

My previous bad habit was being a couch potato and making zero effort to get active unless I was board of sitting around. I got into a routine of sleeping in most days and working till late. Now, I have more of a balance.

I wake up early some days to get to the gym and give myself a little grace to sleep in once or twice a week depending on my schedule. I am the CEO of my company after all. I get to call the shots! ;)

I feel better than ever! The best part is that I'm an even better coach now because I chose to let go of a bad habit that wasn't serving me or my clients!

Just like the kernel of wheat, you've got to say goodbye to what doesn't serve you so you can grow into more than you ever realized possible. 

I'll be honest, I never thought I'd be able to kick laziness to the curb. Now, I can't imagine a life without trips to the gym or fun activities that keep me active!

What bad habit do you need to get rid of? What will you do today to start your 66 day journey?

Business is about to pick up,

Beth xo

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