Just a little bit of time...

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Hi darling,

I'm always grateful for the lessons you can learned through other people. On Wednesday night Steven + I headed down to Bradford for a conference. We got there a little late so we headed straight to our friends beautiful victorian home. As an Instagram nut, I was obsessed with the amount of natural lighting they got in their house! It made for the perfect picture of their stunning fireplace.

While I was away, I got to connect with one of my coaching clients and was reminded how far you can get with just a little bit of time. 

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I'll be the first to tell you that I can get caught up thinking about my future and constantly be in a rush to meet my goals. A few emails ago I mentioned that my laptop recently crashed, taking with it a program that I'd been working on for months. I was devastated! When I got a new computer, you bet I was eager to get started on the program right away. As soon as I was ready to start, crickets...

I was uninspired and stuck so I blamed it on my computer crashing. It took me time to realize, I was rushing myself to get something finished and because of that, my creative juices were dry. I decided to keep working on other things (an entrepreneurs to-do list is neverending!;) and gave myself time. I had to be OKAY with giving myself time.

I'm lucky enough to know my career path but I often get caught up with the idea of time. I've never been worried about growing old (I think I'll make a cute grandma!) but I do often worry that I'll age before I can accomplish all my dreams.

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I'm learning to live in the NOW and to enjoy the process. I know the best is yet to come and I'm planning for those things. But I don't want to miss the present. I don't want to miss the growth of the amazing women I'm working with.

If you're rushing to get things done, remember to give yourself time. In no time, you'll realize you've accomplished more than you expected. As Iga and I chatting between speaker at the conference this weekend, we talking about the amazing leaps she's made over the past weeks! I'm proud that she focused on her present and through that has gotten to her future!

I respect deadlines and understand that planning ahead is also essential but if you've been rushing to get a project, course, ect., give yourself time. If you're running your own business, remember that you're the boss and you call the shots!

To having plenty of time!

Beth xo