It’s not about YOU so get up!

Dear Darling,

Do you ever get tired of hearing people say, “just keep going”? Yeah, I feel ya! People are usually coming from a good place but the reality is that it's tiring being persistent. In those moment, I tend to feel like a dried up well with absolutely no more water to give.


Plus, I always wonder, do they even understand how low I feel? Well, let me share a little about this past week because it was a good one!

On Wednesday morning, I jumped on an early train headed to London Town. I was on my way to The Ritz London for an I Heart My Life event and to spending the rest of the week with my sister-in-law, Amanda Julca! We wanted to get in some girl time before my darling little nephew is born in January and so I could assist her on her photoshoots!

I left Birmingham with the expectation that we would see the city during out breaks and eat at fabulous little cafés. Instead we did exactly what we needed. 

After a full day at the I Heart My Life event, we spent Thursday indoors ordering room service! Friday was a full day of shoot. It was a blast but we stayed in again on Saturday so we could rest, send emails, and order more room service before our late check out.

Here are a few pictures from our fun London business trip and getaway! I forgot to mention that I even got to host a live session at The Ritz with one of my darling clients!


Now, I want take you back to Wednesday during the I Heart Coaching event. I snuck out of the event to grab drinks with two of the guest speakers, Janelle Ladewig and Alexandra Prince. They are both so fabulous and it was such a treat to hear how their business was going!

I’ve had a girl crush on Janelle since I met her in Paris! She’s such a go-getter and ambitious entrepreneur. No wonder her business has grown so fast! As for Alexandra, this wanderlust babe is up to incredible things in Thailand! 


As we chatted, there was one thing that kept coming up for all of us — how to have a healthy mindset that keeps us persistent. All three of us have been at the lowest of lows and know how hard it can be to stay persistent when, instead, all we want to do is curl up in bed, cry, and binge watch Gilmore Girls far into the night. 

Darling, the difference between us and the sad woman I just described (I’ve been her too) is that we don’t plan on giving up. Of course we feel fear, worried, low, tired, and the list goes on but we know what’s around the corner…even more success. We've picked our path and have chosen to pursue our crazy, ridiculous but possible dreams!

We’ve had a sip of the Kool-aid, and darling, you bet we want more! We want to make more impact, more income, and more freedom in, both, our life and business.

Darling, what do you want more of?

If you feel like punching the next person who says, “just keep going,” than don’t worry, I won’t say it but I will leave you with this...

I read an article this morning by Elizabeth Gilbert called “The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself — And All The Women Around You” that was a huge boost of inspiration to keep me persistent this week.


You see, this isn’t just about you, darling, or what you want. You need to persist for her. Persist for the woman whose life you’re going to help transform!

Darling, you’re not alone. You’re not the only one who wants to give up at times or cries herself to sleep because the journey is just so tough. We’ve got your back!

Whatever it takes, stay persistent.

You’ve got this,

Beth xo

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