Instagram Tips: Anything For The Gram

Dear Darling,

These past few months, I’ve loved starting off my Monday’s slow (so I can recover from the weekend!). In honor of that, yesterday, I slept in a little and went into Harborne, which is one of the cute towns in our city, with my husband and met with two friends. I love seeing people I care about during the working day! It reminds me how lucky I am to do the work that I do and to have the freedom to plan out my days.

As I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you today, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I loved going into Harborne and spending a short hour doing a little work and another hour spent meeting with friends. 

When we were getting ready to leave, I couldn’t stop admiring the windows in the coffee shop we were meeting in and knew we had to take a snap to commemorate such a fun morning. Thank goodness my husband was there today, I rarely get to be in my pictures as I’m always behind the camera.

While prepping for the picture, I moved half of the furniture in the upstairs room of the coffee shop because, Friend, you do anything for the gram!

I’m obsessed with the picture we snapped yesterday, it was a great way to remember such a wonderful Monday with one of my dearest friends.

If you use Instagram as a way to promote your business or blog, I highly suggest you take on this phrase for yourself, “anything for the gram!” Don’t be afraid to move furniture around, stand on a chair, lay on the ground, or look goofy to get the best picture possible!

It's worth it!

Yesterday’s Instagram picture was a great way to share fun content with my followers but also a beautiful moment I’ll have forever.

Your followers and fans care about what you're doing, make your posts worth while and go out of your way to snap the best shot!

To not caring what others think!

Beth xo

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