How To Collaborate To Grow Your Biz!


Hi Darling, 

Lately, I've been wondering how I can incorporate collaboration into my business. I have a few ideas! But, the other day, while chatting to my amazing team member, she suggested a new strategy for one of our courses. At first, I wasn't feeling it because I didn't want to reach out to women for help (Miss Independent over here 🙋🏻) and I didn't want to feel sleazy about asking them to promote my work.

She kindly reminded how well connected I am in the coaching industry and that I had the opportunity to call in for some favors (well, there's something in it for them too 😉).


So this past weekend, when my husband and I drove down to London, I couldn't wait to arrive at Hillsong's Leaderships Conference, INNOVATION.

I had a gut feeling  I was going to get something out of it!

The amazing Dan Blythe (who's a heck of a speaker!) kicked off the conference with a message called Collaboration Keys: Imagination + Collaboration = Innovation.

When I heard the title, I had to laughed because of course it would be all about collaboration! During his talk, these words struck me...

"Collaboration allows you to do what you could not do on your own and go where you have never been before."

Boom! I can get pretty far on my own. But, with the support of the incredible women around me...I can do so much more. And, not just me but we could do so much more.

We can reach more people...
We can make more money...
We can scale our businesses...
We can release creative campaigns...
We can create a bigger impact...

And, the list goes on! Together we have the power to create and collaborate in fun ways that takes our work to the next level!


And, I've got some great tips for you that Dan shared and a few of my own! 

1. Don't Care About The Credit

There's always someone who usually gets the credit but a collaboration takes a team. We're all giving something so get over who gets the credit.

That ego just gets in the way of the magic that can happen. It might also stop you from collaborating in the first place (I'm so guilty of this)!

2. Lead With Conversation

Collaboration comes from intentionally perusing relationships with others. And, I don't mean just sending an email but truly taking the time to meet for coffee or lunch.

When it comes to communication 55% of it is all body language so meet in person if you can!

3. Forget About The Competition

Darling, drive in your lane. There will always be people ahead of you or coming in close behind you. Don't let competition distract you from collaborating with extraordinary women in your industry!

4. Care & Don't Care About The Critiques

Accept constructive criticism from your leaders and mentors with open arms. This is the stuff that helps you grow and get better! Here's the catch, there will always be unwanted constructive criticism. We're all going to have haters. Drown that noise out. 

5. Be Heart Led

We can easily be led by our sense. Maybe we don't like how something feels or that new strategy scares you too much. Lead from your heart. Be prayerful and mindful. Everything your do should lead back to fulfilling your big purpose and sometimes that means doing the scary stuff!

As a virtual entrepreneur who runs her own business for wherever I am (maybe at home or from a dreamy destination), this work can feel lonely. I personally thrive from human connection and just simply hitting the cutest brunch places with my favorite girlfriend.

You don't have to do this alone. Get your biz besties together and collaborate to make some noise in your business!

Business is about to pick up,

Beth xo

P.S. Don't miss this quote darling...

"Collaboration allows you to do what you could not do on your own and go where you have never been before."