Hot and Sweaty Under Pressure...

Hi Darling,

At the beginning of the month, Steven and I traveled to northern England to attend a youth conference we've been going to since I moved to the UK. The event is for 13-18 year olds and we're usually totally out of place when we're there...but I could care less because each year I leave completely on fire!

Rock Nations has become our go-to summer event because of their amazing guest speakers! This year's theme was Go Make Waves which as an entrepreneur, I loved because we should be making waves in our industry!

At the conference, Abs Niblock (one of the hosts) shared something that really hit home for me...

"Mustards seeds grow in hot pressurized climates."

Now to give you a little background information, there are lots of different types of mustard seeds but the ones that become trees can grow in arid, dry climates and thrive even in clay or sandy soil. Even though they can grow in hot, dry weather they can also grow in cool, wet climate.

Hearing this made me realize how true this is for us as entrepreneurs because we typically only grow in the difficult seasons of our lives and businesses. When we are under pressure, life starts to become difficult, it's only then that we are stretched and challenged in ways that give us no other option but to grow.

If we sow our seed in the hottest season of our lives...Darling, imagine how much you will grow!

The difficult seasons of life may seem scary, but for me, I don't really grow in the easy seasons of my business. I'm thankful for the calm but I also welcome the hot and sweaty seasons because that's means growth. I'm not saying it's easy but these seasons mean there's something good ahead! Without these seasons, I wouldn't be where I am today.

I remember quitting my 9-5 and being absolutely terrified of starting my own business. I had to go through the fear and difficulties of being a new entrepreneur. But just like the mustard seed, once it has been given time to grow, it flourishes into a big mustard tree. 

How incredible is that?!

Darling, I'm sure you've experienced seasons where you've been under pressure but if you're currently in a hot season of your business, remember that you're sowing a seed and that it will grow!

Give yourself time in this season to learn and become an even stronger business owner.

Growing under pressure, 

Beth xo

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