Go From Broke To Jet Setter!

Hi Darling,

You probably don't know this but I was born in Panama. When I was four years old my parents moved my family to the U.S. and raised us in Columbus, Ohio. To me, Ohio is home but over the last three years England has become my new home!

It's the country I met my husband, where I attended my first Olympics, where I realized I wanted to pursue coaching, and so much more.


Recently, I was thinking back on a dream I had last year – to travel. I purposefully set the intention to make this happen and worked for it.

When I first moved to Birmingham, England (just over an hour north of London), my husband and I were so broke we could barely afford a trip to London. For those who live outside the UK, you should know it’s pretty easy and affordable to get there. 

I remember having the desire to go to London for my birthday to meet up with a friend visiting from San Fransisco. I refused to allow our bank account to stop me from going. I paid a small fare and took the bus to London. The trip was terribly long, bumpy, and uncomfortable. My booty was so numb when I arrived!

I promised myself I'd never be in a position where I couldn’t afford at least a train to London. I've kept true to that promise.

Back then, the worst part about not being able to travel was knowing it was inexpensiveto get around Europe.

I desperately wanted to explore new places while living the laptop lifestyle!

After setting the intention to travel, I said a prayer and started putting systems in place to grow my business so that I could make impact on my clients while creating the income to make my dreams come true. 

I’ll warn you, be careful what intentions you set (and what you pray for)! Steve (my husband) and I have been presented with opportunity after opportunity to explore dreamy destinations as well as travel locally. We probably drive or fly somewhere at least once a month!

Here are just a few pictures from our travels in 2016!

I often get asked how I balance travel and work. There was definitely a learning curve but like Marie Forleo says, “everything is figureoutable.”

We are given opportunities everyday and they are worth taking. 


The last two years I’ve been all over England, London (a lot), Paris (twice), Dublin (twice – and headed there again in a few weeks), Galway, Scotland, Stockholm, Dallas, Miami, New York City, Ohio, Minnesota, and Panama. Plus, we have a ton of places booked for this year!

I want to remind you that your crazy dreams are possible. 

Right now, you might not think it's true but I want you to nip whatever is holding you back in the bud because if you don’t have the faith to believe, it won’t happen.

For me, it all started about a year ago when I moved mountains to treat my husband to a trip to Paris for his 30th birthday. Here I am a year later with a freshly stamped passport and a camera roll full of pictures from our trips around the world. 

I light up when I think back and realize that one of my biggest dreams – to see the world – has come true. I know this is only the beginning because I have really BIG dreams. I can’t wait for the new opportunities that lie ahead.

What crazy big dreams do you have? I encourage you to say a prayer and start intentionally chase your dreams. Work hard to make them come true and you’ll start seeing opportunities beyond your wildest dreams appear!

To our crazy dreams,

Beth xo

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