Sharing your dreams with the people you love

Hi darling,


This past week I got to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people on earth, my brother and sister-in-law! My oldest brother Jonathan and his wife Amanda made a special trip out to England for Jonathan's birthday and because Amanda had been commissioned some photoshoots in London and Paris. They flew to London and got the train straight to Birmingham. 

Steven and I took them to celebrate Jonathan's birthday at an all you can eat Brazilian restaurant. They had the most delicious meats, we ate to our hearts content and enjoyed each others England! 

This was Jonathan's first time to Birmingham, England and as his little sister, I couldn't have been more excited to show my big brother around my new city. 

We had a little over 24 hours together as Amanda had to travel back to London for work. The following morning they met my in-laws for the first time which was so special for me. We had breakfast together and then we were off to explore the city. 

We had plans to visit a few different places. In fact, they took their sweet time to get ready and I was getting a little worried that they wouldn't be able to see everything planned! I tried my best to be a patient little sister as I was so eager to show Jonathan around!


We made our way to the Jewellery Quarter here in Birmingham. It's a beautiful industrial area with stunning brick buildings that are full of jewelry stores and cute little English stores that sell funny little trinkets. At one point in time, the world's diamonds were imported to Birmingham first and were then distributed to jewelers all around the world, including Tiffany's! My darling husband got my gorgeous cluster engagement ring here!

We stopped at Urban Coffee, one of my favorite coffee shops, to fuel up before we kept exploring but what happened next was better than anything we had planned. 

I'm almost a decade younger than my older brother so I've always looked up to him. We love each other to death, but it hasn't always been easy to talk to each other. 

While sipping our coffee and editing Instagram pictures that we'd taken on our way to the Jewellery Quarter, we just sat together and chatted. The more we talked the more Jonathan started to open up and tell me all about the incredible opportunities him and my other brother David had. Jonathan and David live in Miami where they work as music producers, but their dream has always been to make their own music. 


It was so beautiful and touching to hear him tell me all the things he was excited about. I know him and David have been working their hearts out for years. As a younger sister, I couldn't be prouder of the incredible things they have planned this year. They've truly made their dream a reality.

It reminded me of why I love helping people make their dreams come true. I love listening to people share their dreams. I love seeing them light up while they talk about it. But what I love most is actually seeing them lives their dreams!

Almost 6 years ago, Amanda and Jonathan left everything behind in Columbus to start a new life in a city that was calling them. Today, Jonathan and David have a thriving music production business and Amanda is a successful international editorial, portrait, and travel photographer. Can you imagine what their life would look like if they would've stayed in Ohio? 

Everyone has their own life calling, mission and purpose. Mine is helping creative female entrepreneurs, like you darling,  take the next step in building a business and life you love! 

Is there something that you need to do to make your dreams happen? Doing nothing at all only slows you down. Don't be afraid to take the leap, darling!

Here's to being brave!



P.S. I had a day-long photoshoot in London a few days ago. Can't wait to share the pics with you!