From Paris, With Love (Paris pics inside!)

Dear Darling,

A few months ago, I had this dream that I turned into a non-negotiable. Steven and I had been talking about going to Paris since before we got married. Every time we thought we might be able to go, something would come up. I decided enough was enough and surprised him with a trip to Paris for his 30th birthday!

Part of my non-negotiable included a view of the Eiffel Tower. I searched fora whole month for the perfect place to stay. Currently, I’m writing you from our beautiful Parisian terrace while enjoying this view!!

Photo 26-09-2015, 20 05 24.jpg

Today, I’m reminded of this quote…

“There is no force equal to that of a determined woman.”

If you’re ready to take that dream trip you’ve been talking about for years or finally start the business that will allow you to serve others with your amazing talent, do it, Beth! Just start! Put a plan into motion and give yourself a little time to see things kick off. That’s what I did, now Steven and I are on our dream trip in Paris! This city is truly a dream. 

Just wanted to remind you, darling, that anything is possible!

Here's a few pictures of our day yesterday!

Photo 28-09-2015, 01 39 44.jpg
Photo 27-09-2015, 14 35 07.jpg
Photo 28-09-2015, 12 56 50.jpg
Photo 28-09-2015, 12 36 18 (4).jpg
Photo 26-09-2015, 18 27 19.jpg

Sending love from the City of Lights, 

Beth xo

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