Feeling Uncomfortable Lately?

Dear Darling,


This past Friday I was speaking with another coach/friend of mine. We meet weekly to catch up and talk about coaching and new program ideas we have. I love this gal to death and she has a super fun and inspirational Instagram account that you can find by clicking here!


We were reflecting on last year and looking ahead to this new year. I was struggling with the idea of a new training series and she reminded me how hard it had been for me to create the Art of Instagram last year. After creating the whole program…my computer crashed. I was devastated! It took me months to finally get all the materials together again to remake the program, create new video’s, audio’s, and the final details of the program. I had forgotten what a stretch it had been for me, at the time, to make all of that happen.

She said something that hit home for me that day...




Wow! Mind blown. Creating curriculum was new to me last year and was definitely a time of “growing pains” as an entrepreneur. I didn’t understand why it felt so hard. In my head it seemed so easy but when I went to create the material, it was hard work!

Photo 19-01-2016, 15 06 14.jpg

I laughed to myself, thinking how silly I was back then to have let the whole process drag out for so long but it also encouraged me to keep pushing forward with new things this year. 


If I did it last year than I know I can definitely do it again this year!


Beth, you’re going to face things in your life and business that make you feel uncomfortable. Instead of whining (like me!) learn to embrace the process. Don’t give up. Take hold of knowing that the outcome will be worth all the pain, sweat, and tears. 


You've got this!!


To being comfortably uncomfortable,

Beth xo

P.S. I'm headed to London tomorrow! Keep a close eye on my Instagram for fun travel inspiration!