Erin Henry of The May Collective On Succeeding IN Business with a strong mindset


Erin Henry is a Business & Online Strategy Coach and YouTuber from the beautiful Melbourne Australia. She's always been an entrepreneur at heart (seriously, she's never had a 9-5) and her biggest passion in life is helping women break through their own limiting beliefs so they can build the business and life of their dreams. When she's not working she is usually spending time with her two beautiful fur babies and fiance George. If there was two things in life she couldn’t live without it would be coffee and her phone.

What made you fall in love with the online world of business?

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur (offices really cramp my flow) and when I was in uni I got some advice that “these days, to be a successful entrepreneur you have to build yourself a personal brand online”. These words introduced me to the opportunities that come from conducting a business online and ever since then I have been obsessed with the global connection that the internet has to offer us.


You love helping women strengthen their mindset – what’s one practical mindset trick that has helped you overcome fears that were holding you back?

Self Dialogue. We don’t take the time often enough to just stop and ask ourselves okay “what is going on here” and “is the situation as bad as I am making it out to be”. When we actually slow down and confront what is going on instead of living on autopilot, letting our limiting beliefs and stories run our mind, we truly can begin to overcome anything that holds us back.


What’s been your biggest failure in business? What did you learn from it?

Honestly, I don’t have a biggest failure. I have a shiny collection of small failures - videos that flopped, courses that didn’t sell and more ‘technical difficulties’ than you can imagine. 

What each and every one taught me was that I am strong and more capable of resilience than I give myself credit. We are so afraid that failures are going to stop us in our tracks, so much so that often we don't even try, but each and every ‘failure’ that you just move past, only teaches you and reinforces how capable, strong and flexible you actually are.

What about your biggest success?

I'm sorry to say but the same again. Okay I am going to get a little corny here but I consider every day my biggest success. I made a commitment to myself that every single day I would grow and do something that moves me in the direction of my dreams, each and every single time I do so, well that is a win for me. BUT if you want something really tangible, being invited to host a #girlboss workshop at YouTube’s first Australian VidCon was pretty cool.


What advice would you give to any young entrepreneurs getting ready to step into the real world after university?

Don’t listen to anyone about anything except your intuition (seriously she knows what’s up). I see so many young entrepreneurs falling to the pressure of their teachers, their parents and their peers. Babe, if entrepreneurship is for you then just go for it. People are always going to project their own fears onto you and you will always have the doubter and naysayers in your ear. Just politely accept their concern and start moving fiercely in the direction of your dreams


What’s it like being an entrepreneur in AusTRAILIA when so many entrepreneurs are in the US or Europe?

Honestly, it can be a little lonely. Most of my business besties are overseas and so is most of my audience. I would love to be able to just host a meetup or workshop but am slightly limited. In saying that though, it is sunny most of the time and that completely makes up for it.


What’s helped you stand out in your industry?  

Just finding that one thing to be known for and mastering it. YouTube was my thing and I totally stepped into that and made it my mission to provide so much value to women wanting to use video for their business. I know I am often asked about YouTube, interviewed about video! Mastery delivered in your own unique way is the best hook that you can have.


How has YouTube been a game changer for you?

Haha! Youtube! Yes, wow, I cannot even explain what YouTube has done not only for my business but for my life. Just by showing up and putting out videos a few times a week I have been able to grow a global audience of over 60,000, I have sold out group coaching programs, as I mentioned before, being asked to speak at YouTube events and really just being able to be a part of creative community.


Why should other women in business consider starting their own YouTube channels?

Honestly, the know, like and trust factor is real. Whether you have an online serviced based business or a products based business doesn't matter, these days people want to know the boss babe behind the brand, and video is the fastest way to do that in the online space.

Also, it is just fun. Once you get over the initial fears, being able to show up in a creative way and let people know about you and your business really does feel amazing.


Any tips on how to leverage this platform?

I don’t want to sound to cliche here but I have to say it ‘you just have to be yourself’. Whether you are teaching your craft or showing the BTS of your business through a Vlog, people want to hear it from the real you. Being authentic is the best way that you can grow your brand using video and leverage YouTube as a marketing platform. But also, just be consistent. Like most platforms Youtube rewards consistency and so does your audience. People just want to know that you care about them and simply showing up is the best way to let them know you do.


 A fun question, what’s your favorite Netflix show right now?

I am hanging out for Stranger Things! But honestly, I don’t watch a lot of Netflix, I usually watch YouTube haha!


What legacy do you want to leave behind?

I just want to be known as one of those people whose energy was infectious and that empowered people to just say “f*ck it” and put themselves out there. It breaks my heart that for all of us, the one thing that is stopping us from living our best life, is us.


What’s your favorite quote? And, what’s your favorite business book(s)?

I used to be the biggest drama queen ever, which is obviously not an ideal quality when you work for yourself so a quote that my Mum gave to me is my favorite “nothing is the end of the world, until the end of the world”. And my favorite business books would probably have to be.. She Means Business, Girlcode, The Ask Gary Vee Book and You are a Badass at Making Money.


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