Do This If You Want To Go At Your Own Pace


Hi Darling,

As women, it can be so easy to beat ourselves up for not achieving all our goals or living up to the standard that society puts on us. We're expected to be the perfect daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, CEO, and the list goes on. 

It can be EXHAUSTING trying to live up to all these expectations.

Did you know that IT'S OKAY not to be able to balance everything aaaall the time?

I find that balance comes in seasons. Some season might require more of our time as CEO's or maybe we're being asked to spend more time with our husband.

IT'S 100% OKAY to follow what pulls you. 

I've personally gone through seasons where I needed to give me business my ALL like when I prepped and launched Start-Up Society. It meant saying no to dinner parties with friends, evenings with my hubby watching our favorite Netflix show, and sacrificing gym time. I gave my biz my all because I knew it was only for a season. I was thinking of the long term gain and how it was going make the next launch a breeze!


There have also been seasons where I've been pulled to spend more time with my family and take a step back from my business like when I put my biz on autopilot at the beginning of the year and of the summer. Thank goodness for systems and structures! I didn't have to be fully engrossed in my business for it to still be running. I could go out to the pool for a few hours with my hubs and enjoy our travels without stressing out!

If you need to give your business your all or if you need to take a step back, give yourself grace to go at your our pace! 

What season are you in? 

Lots of love,

Beth xo

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