Coming to you from sunny Miami! (How to Relax)

Hi darling,

I’m coming to you from Miami! I’ve been here since Monday night! It’s the final stretch of our trip and I’ve been ecstatic about making it to the beach. Steven and I are cold weather people but the beach has been calling my name for a while now! It’s been 2 years since our last trip to South Beach and I’m just dying to soak up some sun! I just need those good beach vibes!

Today, I wanted to chat about relaxing. As women entrepreneurs, we feel responsible for so much. We feel the need to be good daughters, sisters, friends, wives, moms, business owners, etc. All of those responsibilities take time to nurture. I admire the women who have been able to balance these responsibilities but I also find that many of them have no idea they are doing a great job. Many of us live with the guilt that we aren’t spending enough time with our families and too much on our work. Or not enough time catching up with our friends and too much on something else.

What would it look like if you lived guilt free?

Would it be easier to say YES to happy hour with your girlfriends? Would it be easy to leave a task on your to-do list untouched until tomorrow?

Chatting over lunch this morning, my sister-in-law, was telling me about her morning routine and how it really prepares her for the day. Her and my brother wake up and take it easy in the morning. They make breakfast together, she spends time reading, and then around 11AM she heads to her office in Miami. Amanda explained how this routine has helped her really be able to get into her day. She used to work 10 to 11 hours a day and she realized that there was no need for that anymore. 

She shared this quote with me…



When you go go go you’re always behind. But when you slow down and pace yourself you’re more efficient.

If you’re reading this today and feel like you’re always rushing and never catching up. Slow down. Pace yourself. 

No more guilt!


Here’s to being more tortoise and less hare.