Closing A Good Business To Start A Better One With Lindsey Eryn of Third Story Apartment


Hailing from San Diego, California — Lindsey Eryn is a writer, designer, and podcaster. In 2012, Lindsey launched out into the deep-end of entrepreneurship and started her design studio, Third Story Apartment. Over the years, Lindsey has had her hand in a number of business ventures that have given her the opportunity to travel the world, gather like-minded dreamers together, and spread hope and goodness. With a passion to pass on the torch of courage to other dreamers, Lindsey started the daring romantics podcast at the end of 2017. The weekly podcast is less about the how-to’s of business and more about the heart and soul of entrepreneurship. In between podcasting and client projects, Lindsey can be found brunching (french toast and mimosas included) or making travel plans to some far off place.


So many of us are waiting to be discovered and waiting for somebody to find us and give us affirmation of who we are and what we're doing...sometimes you have to recognize the magic within yourself.

– Lindsey Eryn of Third Story Apartment


Episode Highlights

  • Getting started with what you know, you'll uncover your passion as you take action.
  • Recognizing the magic within yourself versus waiting for someone to discover you.

  • How pep talks have motivated Lindsey and how she's using them to encourage other entrepreneurs.
  • Our love-hate relationship with social media and what we want to see more of online.
  • Why juggling various businesses led to cutting her dream trip to London short. (Thanks a lot burn out!)
  • How slow and steady wins the race because "one million in one week" is rarely the reality.
  • Giving yourself the permission to shut down one business so another can flourish.


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