Can You Think on Your Toes?


Hi Darling, 

It was pitch black in our hotel room and tears were rolling down my eyes as I clicked "Send Now" and an email was virtually sent out to my Start-Up Society Waitlist. I closed the laptop and just laid in bed next to my husband crying. I was tired, overwhelmed, excited, nervous, and…tired. 

I wondered, "Will anyone buy? Will everything on the sales page work properly? Will all the work and financial investment I've made pay off?"

I cried myself to sleep that night and woke up to zero buys. I was so disappointed because of how much love, sweat, tears, late nights, money, and time had gone into creating my brand new program…but nothing had gone as planned. 

I'd spent so much time creating an incredible spreadsheet with a strategy of how we'd execute our launch. I mean, literally everything was on it. To-do lists, content plan, sales funnel strategy, etc. and yet nothing could prepare me for the unplanned battles I had to face.

This all happened to the girl who teaches her clients to be resilient, but all she wanted to do was give up and hide under the covers until life was easy again. 

Instead, I decided to keep going because of you. If I didn't get all of this up and running, then what's the point? Forget the money I'd make, but what about the women out there who needed Start-Up Society? It would be on me if I didn't show up to help them. 

That's when I gained a bit of strength again. Then, I remembered #13 of The 22 Benefits Of Resilience from my RESILIENCE program…


You no longer live within your comfort-zone. When you start getting comfortable,

you quickly get out of it even if it means taking a leap of faith because you know

that you only grow when you're outside of your comfort-zone.

'Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.' – John Maxwell"

Darling, I had to learn how to keep going in the midst of struggle. That's just part of being a business owner. Maybe today you have an idea of a business or you've been running one for some time. Remember, it's okay if things don't go as planned. Next time things go off the rail, because chances are they will, here's what you can do…!

1. Lean In

This is your make or break moment. You're probably tired and overwhelmed. It's okay, there will be seasons when that happens. 

I truly believe that struggles come to you, especially at the most important times to see if you have what it takes to keep going. So are you going to lean in and make stuff happen or are you going to give up and walk away?

2. Stay cool, calm, and collected…

Find the one thing that keeps you cool and collected. For me, it's praying. Unpredicted moments when I'm struggling force me to lean on my faith. Sometimes it actually makes me thankful when things go wrong. 

Sometimes I'm not great at praying, reading my bible or leaning on God to guide me, but moments of struggle make me lean in more and depend on His faithfulness. 

If you don't believe in God, I encourage you to find the thing that will keep you cool, calm, and collected.

3. Reprogram

If you're type A, this will probably be hard for you, but there's nothing wrong with restrategizing and changing up the plan. The reality is that you have no other option but to adjust your game plan. 

Chances are your "Plan B" is even better than the original because you've had a chance to learn what it was that didn't work. 

Darling, I want you to see my struggle. I still have some of the same fears that I had when I first started online coaching.  The difference now is that I know how to react to letdowns and failed attempts.  I know how to jump back up and try again. I was so upset to wake up to zero buys, yet here I am and women are signing up!  

I hope that this letter will encourage you to take the next step.  Whether it's to launch, re-strategize,  or do a complete overhaul on your business.  Doors open soon to my new group program, Start-Up Society if you would like help and encouragement along the way!

To getting back up,

Beth xo

P.S. Been wondering what Start-Up Society is all about? Hit reply and we'll share all the details with you early!  💕📱