Believe in yourself NOW! Not 5 years from now...

Hi Darling,

Last week while I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw this post...

Everything inside me was screaming, "YESSS! I hope this is an example to others and pushes them to start NOW!"

Can you imagine waiting 30 long years to finally start living on purpose?!

Yeah, me either!

Over the last couple weeks, I've had the privilege of connecting with a lot of women entrepreneurs. Some who are further along on their entrepreneurial journey and others who are just getting started. All of them want to leap further into their something big. We've been discussing their purpose and goals.

It's been incredible to hear these women share their passion for their mission. They all have big goals but many of them are also scared. Some lacked confidence in themselves and their abilities to make an impact on the world. They don't think they have anything to offer.

The truth is, these women are sitting on a gold mine!

Darling, do you every feel like that? Like you're not good enough to leave your mark on the world? 

These newbies I mentioned, they're scared. They fear taking the leap into the unknown if they went for what they truly wanted. I don't blame them, this journey is scary! But nothing will ever happen if they stay scared. The impact and the income they want to make won't see the day of light if they don't muster the courage to just go for it.

I remember being new to the industry. I was just an ordinary girl who had fallen in love with a Brit and moved her life across the pond. I had a mustard seed size of faith that my dream of doing something big could come true.

When I decided to go all in. I was extremely scared! But I knew if I didn't go for it, I'd never reach my full potential. Darling, we have to be willing to put our big girl pants on and step out in faith. 

Guess, what? Life changed drastically for me. it turned into something bigger than my dreams!

This didn't just happen for me either. These amazing women I've been chatting to. Many of them have already taken a leap in their business too! This has caused them to be full of faith, making them excited for what's happening next in their business. Some of them are still scared but since they've taken the leap once before, taking the leap into new areas of their business for a second or third time is much easier.

If you feel called to something bigger, to a greater story…take action on behalf of that. You are one of a kind, created with a unique purpose that no one else can live out for you, only you can.

Take control, Darling. Start believing that you CAN live your something big starting today!

To your full potential, 

Beth xo

P.S. Darling, what's stopping you from leaping?