Are You Working Out All Your Business Muscles?

Hi Darling,

Last week I signed up for a fitness class at my local gym that I'd been avoiding - abs! Do you dread working out your core too?

I've been doing cardio like crazy since January and even slowing getting myself into doing some strength training on my legs, gluts, and a bit of abs. But the class I usually attend barely building up any of my core. 


My legs on the other hand are much stronger now!

I'm obsessed with my spinning class but my goal, when I started at the gym, was not only to get leaner but also stronger! 

My tummy has always but a bit flabby. Even when I was my thinnest, (if only I still had my high school bod) my stomach was always squishy because I did nothing to strengthen my core. 

Can you tell how much I despise working on abs? Stay with me, I promise this is relevant to business!

Since then, my core has always been pretty weak. I figured it was probably time to take the abs class I'd been avoiding so I could get closer to achieving my goals.


A few minutes into the class and sweat bullets where pour doing my face. I wanted to get up, leave the class, and go cry in the bathroom. Instead, I gave myself some grace because I was working out muscles that I've barely put to use.

Here's the funny part (well not that funny), what made this class extra harder was that I've already overcome the hardships of cardio and even fought through gaining muscle on my legs. I withstand a lot in those classes but, with abs, I felt like such a newbie.


I'd forgotten how that felt, like a total failure.

I hated it! I've been going to the gym for months now, after all!

I had to take a step back and remind myself that it's going to take baby steps to build up my core just like it took baby steps to even get myself back at the gym! 

I went to my second abs class today. And, although it was still terribly though, I wasn't as scared and overwhelmed. I'm going at my own pace. Soon, I'll be so glad that I took the step to go the class regardless of the fear I felt.

So what about you – has there been something you've been putting off on your business?

 Maybe it's setting up a sales funnel, launching your first opt-in, getting your books in order, or finally hiring your first VA. Whatever it is. Do it.

Just start with baby steps. 

Make an outline for your funnel or opt-in, make an appointment with an accountant, announce that you're business is hiring! Take that initial step. After that, continue taking baby steps.

You'll get there in the end! The more you do this the easier it'll get. 

Business is about to pick up,

Beth xo

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